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Star Party: 21 - 24 May 2020 REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN

The next annual South Pacific Star Party will be held 21 - 24 May 2020. General information about the star party is here:

Links from that page will take you through to the registration pages. Please take the time to read through all the information provided to help you with registering. 

Wiruna REOPENING 22 January 2020

Dear Members,
Thanks to the easing fire conditions (and 50mm of rain), Wiruna will reopen in time for the January long weekend (24-27 January).


Note, however, that the fire danger is still very real. Strong winds and high temperatures are forecast for the rest of this week. Remember to check "Fires near me" for updates in case of road closures or new outbreaks.


Crago observatory CLOSED until further notice - as at 21 December 2019

In light of the dangerous fire conditions west of Bowen Mountain, the Crago observatory will be CLOSED to all members and visitors until further notice.

No members are permitted to use the observatory or surrounding grounds without prior approval from VP Crago. Please contact Paul Hatchman for further details.

Wiruna CLOSED Until Further Notice - as at 16 December 2019

In light of the dangerous fire conditions, current and potential road closures and the proximity of the Palmers Oaky fire to Wiruna, the committee has decided that Wiruna will be closed to all members and visitors immediately, and until further notice.

Wiruna is not under direct threat at present. Anyone seeking further information should call Joe on 0428 363 878. Joe is keeping in touch with the neighbours who can advise on the latest conditions in the Wiruna locale.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Total Fire Bans and fire management at ASNSW sites

Fire ratings and declarations of Total Fire Ban may affect the operations at Crago Observatory and at Wiruna. 

CRAGO: Visitors to Crago Observatory should always check the Facebook page ( for status updates on the afternoon of the observing session. These updates will include closure due to weather, fire risk or any other reason. 

ASNSW 2020 Calendar now available

To download a one-page calendar, view the online colour clickable calendar or find the links to subscribe to calendar feeds, click here:

Bush Fire Danger Period at Wiruna from 1/9/2019


The Bush Fire Danger Period has already started in the Mid-Western Regional Council district, including Wiruna. See:

Wiruna fees to increase

Crago Observatory Status Updates on Facebook

Crago Observatory has a new Facebook page:

This page will be updated regarding whether or not the observatory will be open on the scheduled observing nights. Observing may be cancelled if it is raining or cloudy. Please check after 4pm on the relevant night. Scheduled observing sessions are listed here:

and impending sessions show up on the right-hand-side of the home page.

27th South Pacific Star Party (2019) photos now available

27th South Pacific Star Party (2019) photos by Brad Le Broque are available here.


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