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Simplified Renewals for Multiple Memberships (yours and "Related")

From 2016, a new field has been added to the Memberhip Renewal page to allow you to renew for any number of other related members (full, associate or student) at the same time as you do your own renewal. The field is for a $26 payment. Select 1 unit for a related student or associate member and 2 units for a related full member. Note that this process is NOT automatic and database updates to the related memberships must be made manually by the treasurer, so I need to have your relationships on record. However, this does streamline the renewal process at your end.

2015 Christmas Party Photos

Photos from the 2015 Christmas Party on 21 November 2015 taken by Chris Douglass are now available for viewing and downloading here.

2016 Renewals and Yearbooks

Hi folks,

Time to renew for 2016 if you haven't already renewed. Check if you are up to date by making sure that you are logged in and clicking "Renew membership" on the left-hand block of the home page. It shows your paid-to date in the green band at the top.

Renewing online is easy. Click on the "Renew membership" link in the left-hand block of the home page, fill in the boxes, check your details and follow the payment instructions. There is a step-by-step guide here:

2015 Christmas Party Rego Page now open!

Book now for the ASNSW Christmas Party to be held Saturday 21st November at the Epping Club. Details here:

Registrations WILL CLOSE on Friday 13th November, so please make our job easier and BOOK EARLY!!!























TARA Close Encounters 5th September - Help Please!

TARA Anglican School for Girls is holding an Astronomy Open Night on Saturday, 5th September. It promises to be an outstanding event at a great location. A flier can be downloaded HERE, with details of all the night's activities.


SPSP 2015 group photo timelapse

A timelapse of the form up for the group photo:

Friday 28th August 2015 - Annual General Meeting and Committee Nomination Form

Friday 28th August 2015 - the ASNSW Annual General Meeting. We need a quorum of 15 people to be able to proceed with the meeting, so please come even if you don't intend nominating for a committee position.

Dates set for 2016 South Pacific Star Party


5th - 8th May 2016 - the 24th Annual South Pacific Star Party.

Registrations will open in early 2016.



Please SAVE THE DATE for the following special events:

Monday 3rd August 2015 - intended start date for I2A Part 2.


23rd South Pacific Star Party, 2015 - Photos now available

Photos from SPSP 23 are now available here.

This includes a full resolution version of the group photos (which may take a little while to download).

An attendees photo sharing site has also been setup at If you have photos taken at the SPSP then you can easily share your photos with others, and you can also view and download photos that other attendees have shared.


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