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Membership of The Astronomical Society of NSW

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Miscellaneous Payments

The Astronomical Society of New South Wales, welcomes people from across the world to become new members, whether young or old, novice or expert, amateur or professional, or people who have never even looked through a telescope. The Society currently has over 350 members from across the country and around the world. There are five Categories of Membership available, consisting of Full Member, Associate Member, Student Member, Honorary Member and Life Member. Please see the links for more information about the ASNSW's Membership Fee Structure and How to Join.

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Astronomical Society of New South Wales Inc. has many benefits, including our monthly journal UNIVERSE, posted or emailed (your choice) each month, 20 meetings per year presented by professional and amateur Astronomers, and the opportunity to meet great new friends also interested in Astronomy. Accredited members also have full access to Wiruna and Crago Observatory, and Society-owned astronomical equipment, including telescopes up to 25” ƒ/5. Members receive a substantial discount on the retail cost of the Quasar Publishing yearbook, Astronomy 20XX. All this and more, from only $52 per year for Full Membership of the ASNSW! What more could you possibly want from an Astronomical Society? What are you waiting for - Join Now (see the "How to Join" link above)!

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