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25th Annual South Pacific Star Party 25-28 May 2017 Registrations now open ... advance registrations required

25th Annual South Pacific Star Party 25-28 May 2017 - Registrations now open ... advance registrations required

General information about the Star Party and details of new procedures for 2017 are here: (but also see below). The registration page for the 25th Annual South Pacific Star Party is online here: Because of the popularity of the event, attendance numbers will be limited. Please register, online, ASAP so that you don’t miss out on the SPSP. The deadline for registrations is 7th May 2017. But first, please note the following, including some important changes to the usual procedures.

Guest speakers: We are thrilled to announce that our guest speakers will be:

·         Dave Gault on the Friday afternoon; and

·         David Malin on the Saturday afternoon.

Registrations – Changes to procedures

 ·         There will be No On-site Registrations this year.

 ·         If you are an SPSP regular, don’t assume that I’ll know you’re coming and that I will keep a place for you. Please register, early, online, like everybody else.

 ·         If you don’t know if you’ll be working or not, please register, early, online. If you find out your schedule before the registration cut-off date (7th May) and it turns out that you can’t come, you can get a refund.

 ·         If you’re not sure what the weather will be like, please register, early, online, otherwise you will risk missing out. The SPSP is great value, no matter what the weather. 

 ·         Registrations may close sooner than the deadline (7th May). Last year, the event was full the day before the cut-off date and registrations had to be closed at that point. We anticipate that the event may be fully booked even earlier this year.  

 ·         If you are a Wiruna regular and have a permanent site (caravan or tent), please note that there is a new entry in the drop-down list for accommodation: “I already pay an annual Wiruna site fee”. If this applies to you, please select this, as it helps planners ascertain the number of extra tents and caravans that require space.

Arrivals – Changes to procedures

 ·         Note that the gate WILL BE LOCKED AT SUNSET to prevent people, unwittingly or otherwise, driving in after dark with lights on. If you need access after sunset, send a separate email to the treasurer with your ETA or ring Joe (there will be a sign on the gate) when you get there.

 ·         The start time has changed. The start time is 2pm Thursday to allow time for volunteers to arrive, set up their own campsites, and get the site ready for the influx of visitors. Registered volunteers may, of course, arrive earlier. Participants who arrive before 2pm may find that there is nobody on the gate, no hot water in the urn, no power, and the toilets are locked.


 ·         Design a T-shirt for the 25th Annual South Pacific Star Party! The winner receives free registration for the event (i.e. refund if already registered). Details and examples from past years are available here: Entries must be received by the committee by 31st March.

 ·         The Astroimaging Competition will run again this year. Details and entry forms are online:

 ·         We will also continue in the tradition of presenting awards for Astronomy Innovations (for Telescope Makers and Software Developers).

 ·         The Lucky Prize Draw will run in similar format to previous years.

Members should remember to ensure that they are paid up and logged in so that they can get the member discount on SPSP registration.

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