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** Change to Ordinary Meeting Start Time ** - come at 7.30pm

In order to help new members and visitors feel more welcome at our Ordinary Meetings (the Friday night ones), the START time for the meetings is being moved to the earlier time of 7.30pm to allow some dedicated time for a meet-and-greet at the beginning, as well as more social time after the guest speaker.

Commencing from the 6th September meeting, the order of events at the meetings will approximately follow this pattern:

  • 7.30pm - Meet-and-greet with early supper in the Kitchen: New members and visitors are invited to meet with committee members as an opportunity to pick up a "welcome" pack, look through our Crago and Wiruna photo books, have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your main astronomical interests. All members attending the meeting are welcome to join in and introduce themselves.
  • 7.45pm - Reports in Meeting Room 1: The President and Vice-Presidents may update the membership on any recent activities.
  • 8.00pm - Guest Speaker in Meeting Room 1: The speaker for the night will have a one-hour timeslot, including question time after the presentation.
  • 9.00pm - Mingling in the Meeting Room and Kitchen: A chance to ask further questions of the guest speaker (one-on-one), chat with other members and have a second bite at supper.
  • 10.00pm - Meeting close: Our room booking at the ECC finishes at 10.00pm and it is important to be respectful of the neighbours and leave as quietly as possible. 

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