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Constellation of the Month - articles by Geoff Smith, Observations Officer. Links take logged-in members to the Universe issue in which the article appeared. Constellations without a link don't have corresponding articles (yet).

Andromeda (And) Circinus (Cir) Lacerta (Lac) Piscis Austrinus (PsA)
Antlia (Ant) Columba (Col) Leo (Leo) Puppis (Pup)
Apus (Aps) Coma Berenices (Com) Leo Minor (LMi) Pyxis (Pyx)
Aquarius (Aqr) Corona Australis (CrA) Lepus (Lep) Reticulum (Ret)
Aquila (Aql) Corona Borealis (CrB) Libra (Lib) Sagitta (Sge)
Ara (Ara) Corvus (Crv) Lupus (Lup) Sagittarius (Sgr)
Aries (Ari) Crater (Crt) Lynx (Lyn) Scorpius (Sco)
Auriga (Aur) Crux [The Southern Cross] (Cru) Lyra (Lyr) Sculptor (Scl)
Bootes (Boo) Cygnus (Cyg) Mensa (Men) Scutum (Sct)
Caelum (Cae) Delphinus (Del) Microscopium (Mic) Serpens (Ser)
Camelopardalis (Cam) Dorado (Dor) Monoceros (Mon) Sextans (Sex)
Cancer (Cnc) Draco (Dra) Musca (Mus) Taurus (Tau)
Canes Venatici (CVn) Equuleus (Equ) Norma (Nor) Telescopium (Tel)
Canis Major (CMa) Eridanus (Eri) Octans (Oct) Triangulum (Tri)
Canis Minor (CMi) Fornax (For) Ophiuchus (Oph) Triangulum Australe (TrA)
Capricornus (Cap) Gemini (Gem) Orion (Ori) Tucana (Tuc)
Carina (Car) Grus (Gru) Pavo (Pav) Ursa Major (UMa)
Cassiopeia (Cas) Hercules (Her) Pegasus (Peg) Ursa Minor (UMi)
Centaurus (Cen) Horologium (Hor) Perseus (Per) Vela (Vel)
Cepheus (Cep) Hydra (Hya) Phoenix (Phe) Virgo (Vir)
Cetus (Cet) Hydrus (Hyi) Pictor (Pic) Volans (Vol)
Chamaeleon (Cha) Indus (Ind) Pisces (Psc) Vulpecula (Vul)

Geoff's References:

  1. Astronomy 20XX by Wallace, Dawes and Northfield (for relevant year)
  2. NGC/IC webpage
  3. Double Stars for small telescopes by Sissy Haas
  4. Annals of the Deep Sky by Jeff Kanipe and Dennis Webb
  5. The constellation charts are from and were produced by the IAU in collaboration with Sky & Telescope magazine. Their use here is permitted under the creative commons licence
  6. Hartung’s Astronomical Objects for Southern Telescopes by David Malin and David Frew
  7. The Deep Sky Database

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