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Join our Yahoo! Discussion Group:

Moderator: Adrian Saw
Yahoo Group Address:

Aims of the Group

The ASNSW Yahoo Discussion Group provides a forum for active and constructive communication between Members of the Astronomical Society of New South Wales. All Members are invited to post and respond on any matters of Society business or other topics of astronomical or scientific interest to the Membership.

Group Moderators

A small, responsive group of Moderators has been appointed to manage the day-to-day functioning of the ASNSW Discussion Group on behalf of the Committee. They introduce Society business and other matters for discussion and ensure that posts (particularly from new Members) receive prompt and helpful responses.

Role of the Moderators

The Moderators organise and manage Group resources (Photos, Files, Databases, Polls, etc) and work to strengthen links between Members of the Group, the ASNSW Website and Universe. The current Moderators are:

As well as input from the day-today moderators, the Yahoo Group benefits from the involvement of the present and immediate past Presidents of the ASNSW, who make themselves available to provide advice and joint adjudication (on behalf of the Committee) directly to the moderators, when required.

Membership of the Group

Only Members of the ASNSW are granted Membership to the ASNSW Yahoo Group in order to protect the confidentiality of Society business discussed in the Group.

How to Join the Group

Follow these steps if you have no existing Yahoo Profile (otherwise go to Step 5 and use your existing Profile):

  1. Navigate to
  2. On the Sign In Panel - New Users
    "Click here to Register"
  3. Fill in Form for your Yahoo ID
    Enter all the requested details
    Ensure that Alternate 1 is the email you wish to use
    Remove tick from "Send me special offers…"
  4. Fix any Errors identified by Yahoo
    Accept Terms
  5. Navigate to
  6. Click on "Join this Group"
  7. Follow instructions to Apply for Membership
  8. In less than a day you will receive emails regarding your Membership

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