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The ASNSW Constitution, Policies, Procedures & Records

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Changes to the ASNSW constitution were decided upon at a Special General Meeting on 14th March 2014. The changes were lodged with Fair Trading NSW. The registration and effective date of the new constitution is 5th May 2014: The ASNSW Inc. Constitution (PDF)


Wiruna Light Use Policy

ASNSW Drones Policy

South Pacific Star Party Policies (fees, refunds, registrations and numbers, sponsors, locals)

Wiruna Sites Policy 2016

Wiruna Policies for the comfort of all attendees (music, pets, alcohol)

Sheds and Observatories at Wiruna


Committee Conflict of Interest: The ASNSW abides by the regulations of the Associations Incorporation Act of NSW 2009, Section 31c, regarding disclosure and recording of Committee of Conflicts of Interest. Take this link to information on the Fair Trading website.

Association Records: The ASNSW keeps the records required by Fair Trading, as listed here on the Fair Trading website.


New Member Procedure

Accreditation for Crago Observatory

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