Treasures Of The SMC - Table Of Objects

Table Of The Objects

Lindsay l0h 03.4min-73.45'2.5arc minGlobular Cluster
Kron 30h 22.3min-73.05'3.5arc minGlobular Cluster
Kron 70h 27.lmin-73.00'45arc secGlobular Cluster
NGC 1210h 26.8min-71.32'l.5arc min10 .6Globular Cluster
NGC 1520h 32.8min-73.09'l.5arc min12pGlobular Cluster
NGC 1760h 35.8min-73.11'3.5arc min12pOpen Cluster
Kron 210h 42.lmin-72.48'l.5arc minOpen Cluster
NGC 2200h 40.5min-73.24'40arc sec11pOpen Cluster
NGC 2220h 40.6min-73.24'30arc sec11pOpen Cluster
NGC 2310h 4l.0min-73.22'l.5arc min11pOpen Cluster
NGC 2420h 43.6min-73.27'25arc sec12pOpen Cluster
NGC 2480h 45.5min-73.23'25arc secOpen Cluster
NGC 2560h 45.9min-73.30'l5arc sec12pOpen Cluster
NGC 2650h 47.6min-73.29'1 arc min12pGlobular Cluster
NGC 2690h 48.5min-73.32'25arc sec12pGlobular Cluster
NGC 2670h 48.0min-73.17'2arc minOpen Cluster
NGC 2920h 52.8min-72.50'Galaxy - the SMC
NGC 2490h 45.4min-73.05'2arc minOpen Cluster
NGC 2610h 46.5min-73.07'2arc minNebula
NGC 2900h 51.3min-73.09'1.5arc min12pOpen Cluster
Lindsay 400h 50.5min-72.52'3arc minOpen Cluster
Kron 290h 5l.5min-72.5'0.5arc minOpen Cluster
Kron 310h 52.0min-72.49'3arc minOpen Cluster
Kron 340h 52.9min-72.42'1 arc minOpen Cluster
Lindsay 470h 53.0min-73.22'0.5arc minOpen Cluster
Kron 380h 56.8min-73.25'3.5arc minOpen Cluster
NGC 3390h 57.7min-74.29'2arc min11.9Globular Cluster
Kron 370h 57.6min-74.2'0.5arc minOpen Cluster
Kron 280h 49.5min-72 06'1.5 arc min15Open Cluster
NGC 2990h 54.0min-72 10'1 arc min11Open Cluster
NGC 3060h 54.9min-72 13'40 arc sec12Open Cluster
NGC 3711h 03.3min-72 05'8Cluster with Nebula
NGC 3460h 59.1min-72 11'5 arc min10.3Nebula with Cluster
NGC 3300h 56.2min-72 29'>7 arc min8Open Cluster

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