Astroimagers' Personal Galleries

Many ASNSW Astroimagers maintain their own online galleries or websites. Please take these links to view their amazing work.

Joe Cauchi - Joe's Images

Geoff Smith - Geoff's Astrobin

Greg Priestley - Greg's Astroimaging Gallery

Greg McCall - Greg's Astrobin

Rodney Watters - Rodney's Astrobin

Peter Patonai - Peter's Astrobin

Marc Aragnou - Marc's One Drive

Niall MacNeill - Niall's Astrobin

Bruce Graham - Bruce's Astrobin

Dean Carr - Dean's Astrobin

Gary Jones - Gary's Astrobin

Warren Neal - Warren's Astrobin

Fred Vanderhaven - FredAstro

Mike Sidonio - Mike's PBase

If you already have a gallery and would like to share it here, please email treasurer(at) with the details (your name, hyperlink to your gallery) and a favourite image for the image strip. 

If you don't have your own gallery, but would like to share images with other Astroimagers, why not join the AI Chat Group? Chat Group images may be viewed on the ASNSW website. You do not need to have the APP to be able to interact with other members of the AI Chat Group.

Not a Chat Group participant yet? Email treasurer(at) and ask to be added.