Astroimaging Meetings

Meetings of the ASNSW's Astroimaging Section are held by ZOOM at 7.30pm on Wednesday nights, usually around the time of Full Moon.

All welcome!

Chair: David Samuel


The Astroimaging section meets monthly on the Wednesday closest to the full Moon. Meetings are online via Zoom and start at 7:30 pm, NSW time. Meetings consist of talks/presentations, sharing our latest pictures/projects, question and answer sessions and general socialising. Meetings are usually recorded, and recordings from past meetings are available at: Astroimaging Presentations and Resources.

What we do

Members of this section have an interest in astroimaging. Some are beginners and others are very experienced astroimagers. There are also those who wish to find out what is involved but have not yet started taking their first pictures. We discuss what is involved in taking astroimages, how to process those images and what we can do to improve our images. We have members with varying imaging interests - solar, lunar, planetary, comets, meteor showers, deep sky, wide field, narrow field, narrow band. They use all kinds of equipment - camera lenses, small- to medium-sized telescopes, DSLR cameras, cooled cameras, planetary cameras, one shot colour cameras, monochrome cameras with filter wheels, etc.

Who are the meetings for and what are the benefits

The meetings are for anyone with an interest in astroimaging, from beginners to experts. All are welcome. We share our astroimaging knowledge and methodologies with each other. If you have any questions, just ask. If anyone else has a question to which you know the answer, let them know the answer to their question. Members of this section all learn from each other's astroimaging experiences.


We communicate with each other via email and/or at our monthly meetings. To join the group you need to add yourself to its mailing list by following the instructions at Mailing Lists. Once this is done, you will start to receive emails from other members of the group. Most importantly, you will receive notice of each meeting before it occurs, circulating the agenda and details of how to attend the meeting using Zoom. This notice will also contain the dates of all the currently scheduled meetings till the end of the year.

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