10. Cleaning up, Putting Everything Away and Throwing Back the Earth Switch

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On Sunday, the Scouts continue to serve food until lunch time. If you have packed up your own camp and have some spare time before you leave, please help with these tasks:

Check-In Desk crew:

  • Take down temporary signs and return them to box/folder at Check-In Desk.
  • Do stocktake of stationery, forms and desk supplies.
  • Make note of any provisions that need to be purchased for following year. 
  • Desk supplies remain in the drawers of the two desks, with the exception of items required by the Treasurer including:
    • returned ID badge pouches;
    • clipboards & lists of takings;
    • box of plastic sleeves;
    • cash;
    • signs that need updating for the following year;
    • Treasurer's folders and boxes.
  • Leave out a box in the Breezeway for people to return their ID badge pouches. 
Gate crew: 
  • Pack away the gazebo and return it to the Store Room.
Everyone else:
  • Pack away the AI Competition display boards and stack them behind the right-hand doorway to the Bunkroom alcove. 
  • Wash up and put away any dishes in the kitchen and wipe down the tables.
  • Return Roast Dinner pots and serving utensils to the cupboard in the Meeting Hall.
  • Collect the mirrors from the sinks outside the Amenities Block and return them to the top shelf on the right-hand side of the Store Room.
  • Return volunteer vests and lanyards to the box in the Breezeway.
  • Pull drawers out of Check-In desks, move desks back to Meeting Hall, replace drawers.
  • Unplug lights, power boards and cables in Check-In Tent, Pavilion, Processing Pit and Recharging Station.
  • Wind up cables and put all electricals away in labelled box in Store Room.
  • Put the TV away in the designated space in the Store Room.
  • Make an announcement before shutting down the generator.
  • Shut down generator and switch off PA system (but not until after midday).
  • After generator is unplugged, throw the Earth Switch back to the "Normal" position and secure with a twist tie or cable tie. 
  • Collect stray chairs from observing field.
  • Stack hired chairs in Pavilion, check count = 100.
  • Stack ASNSW chairs in Meeting Hall.
  • Collect tables from Image Processing Pit, Scouts and one from Check-In Tent.
  • Fold and stack hired tables in Pavilion, check count = 20.
  • Fold and stack ASNSW tables in Meeting Hall. 
  • Pick up any litter from the ground and put in bins - last bin to be collected will be in the Breezeway or nearby.
  • Load garbage into trailer for trip to tip. 

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