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ASNSW Christmas Party 16th November 2013 - Bookings Closed

Saturday 16th November 2013, 7pm - 11pm

Menu is Premium Buffet Style $40-00 per head with drinks at Bar Prices

Hot dishes - Carvery - Meat platter - Salads - Dessert

Bookings have officially closed but there are still a few places left if you're lucky!

See the full menu and all event details here. (This page also has a link to the Registration page.)

Take the short cut to Register and pay here.

South Pacific Star Party 2013

The 21st Annual South Pacific Star Party (SPSP) will be held from Thursday 9th through Sunday 12th May 2013.

General information about the SPSP is available here.

Scott Mellish Sketching Competition 2012

We are please to announce the inagrual Scott Mellish Sketching Competition to be judged at the 20th South Pacific Star Party. More details can be found here.

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