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Order Apparel and Souvenirs

Order your official ASNSW clothing and souvenirs here.

  • Please enter the QUANTITY for each item in the relevant box below.
  • In the last two boxes, you may select your GARMENT SIZE and/or HAT SIZE. Note that GARMENT SIZES are Men's sizings, so women might expect to order a smaller size than if choosing women's clothing.
  • Please also enter a 1 in the box for the relevant postage amount if you want your item(s) posted.
  • The total price will be calculated for you.
  • Tick the box below the total if you wish to "Pay Later" by cheque, money order or direct bank transfer.
  • Scroll down to enter your DELIVERY instructions (this field is compulsory).
  • At the bottom, you will find the PayPal button for immediate payment using your PayPal account or credit card or a "Confirm Contribution" button if you are paying later. It is important to click here to confirm your order.
  • Please note that CAPS are no longer available. The NEW item, introduced in 2013, is the broad-brimmed HAT.

Enter a 1 in this box for any apparel that is to be posted (fleeces, vests, shirts, hats and beanies). Leave blank if you intend to pick up from a meeting or Wiruna.

Enter a 1 in this box to cover postage of a badge and/or cloth patch. Leave blank if you intend to pick up at a meeting or Wiruna.

Select your garment size here. This will apply for all clothing on this order except hats. If you want multiple garments in different sizes, please use a separate order for each size. Select "All one size" for beanie or badge. Use the separate check-box below to select hat size. Note that, unless otherwise stated (i.e kids' T-shirts), GARMENT SIZES are Men's sizings, so women might expect to order a smaller size than if choosing women's clothing.

Four sizes available: 55, 57, 59 and 61cm. Please select a hat size only if you are ordering a hat, thank you.
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The following information is for administrative purposes and is set when you renew your membership.

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Delivery Instructions

Select how you want to receive your merchandise - post or pickup at meeting or Wiruna. Our merchandise officer will contact you to confirm the delivery arrangements (how, when or to check your postal address). 

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