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Miscellaneous Payments

You can use this page to make any miscellaneous payment IF REQUESTED TO DO SO by the Treasurer. 

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PAGE TO MAKE NEW MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS (send your New Membership Application to the Secretary and wait for an email with details of how to pay).

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PAGE TO PAY WIRUNA CAMPING FEES (use the dedicated payment page - there is a link on the Home Page).

PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS PAGE TO PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS (log in and use the "Renew membership" link).

If you prefer, you can make a payment by logging in to your PayPal account and simply clicking on "Send and Request", then "Pay for Goods or Services" and making a payment to The treasurer will know it's from you from the confirmation email that PayPal sends to you and the treasurer. However, a follow-up email is a good idea.

Or, if you have been asked by the Treasurer to make a payment and you don't want to use a credit card, you can do a direct bank transfer to:
Account Name - The Astronomical Society of NSW; BSB - 633000; Account number - 118247600

If using THIS PAYMENT PAGE, enter the total amount you are paying in the Amount box below in whole dollars, no cents (e.g. enter $80.00 as 80).

Enter the amount (whole dollars) and you can pay by PayPal or credit card (on the PayPal link) or by direct transfer to the ASNSW bank account (select "Pay Later" and the details will appear in your confirmation email). If you prefer to send payment by cheque or money order, please DON'T USE THIS FORM. Just post your cheque/MO to The Astronomical Society of NSW, PO Box 870, Epping, 1710 and include a note with the purpose of the payment.

Enter amount in whole dollars (e.g. for $60.00, just type 60).
After you make your payment, please email to advise what the payment is for if not already notified. If you experience any problems with your payment, please email and advise of the nature of the problem.
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