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Category Access Details
Astroimaging Resource Library Members View in context of relevant presentations here: Astroimaging Presentations and Resources
Catalogues and Charts Public Refer The Magellanic Clouds articles for context.
Member-Only Documents Members AGM Minutes (since 2015) and Wiruna Sites Policy 2020
Sub-category: Annual Reports (since 2011, ordered by year, most recent at the top)
Public Documents Public Constitution, COVID Safety Plans, PDF policy documents, etc. Also note that we have a separate page listing all our Policies - some are web pages with no associated PDF document.
UNIVERSE Magazine Members PDF magazines (since 2002). Select UNIVERSE Magazine from the drop-down box. Select the relevant decade from the list to find relevant back-issues. Click on the issue title to open the PDF in your browser. Download from the browser to save to your computer.


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Recent Additions
Catalogues and Charts
A Compilation of SMC Star Clusters: Max Gardner AM: To be read in conjunction with "A Compilation of SMC Star Clusters" by Max Gardner AM. (67.6 Kb)
The Henize Catalogue of LMC Emission Nebulae: Max Gardner AM based on Mati Morel Catalogue: To be read in conjuction with Max Gardner's article titled "The Henize Catalogue of LMC Emission Nebulae". (90.8 Kb)
The Henize Catalogue of SMC Emission Nebulae: Gardner/Morel: This table accompanies Max Gardner's article "The Henize Catalogue of SMC Emission Nebulae" (55.5 Kb)
Public Documents
2022 AGM Agenda: 2022 Agenda for the Annual General Meeting (32.5 Kb)
2022 Committee Nomination Form: 2022 Committee Nomination Form (28.6 Kb)
2022 Notice of AGM: Notice of the 2022 Annual General Meeting (Hybrid meeting) (16.6 Kb)
Wiruna COVID-19 Safety Plan: (136.0 Kb)
Calendar 2022: (125.0 Kb)
Moon Observing Exercise: Lesa Moore: Use this chart to record phases of the Moon for two weeks to understand the orbit of the Moon around the Earth. Suitable for the Southern Hemisphere. (16.7 Kb)
Committee Register: List of committee members from 1993 to the present. Excel spreadsheet. (15.4 Kb)