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Category Access Details
Astroimaging Resource Library Members View in context of relevant presentations here: Astroimaging Presentations and Resources
Catalogues and Charts Public Refer The Magellanic Clouds articles for context.
Member-Only Documents Members AGM Minutes (since 2015) and Wiruna Sites Policy 2020
Sub-category: Annual Reports (since 2011, ordered by year, most recent at the top)
Public Documents Public Constitution, COVID Safety Plans, PDF policy documents, etc. Also note that we have a separate page listing all our Policies - some are web pages with no associated PDF document.
UNIVERSE Magazine Members PDF magazines (since 2002). Select UNIVERSE Magazine from the drop-down box. Select the relevant decade from the list to find relevant back-issues. Click on the issue title to open the PDF in your browser. Download from the browser to save to your computer.


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Recent Additions
Admin Document Repository > DA
Plans 1-6 Wiruna property usage digarams 2021: (6,659.3 Kb)
6 APPENDIX A Bushfire Management Plan Rev 2.3 August 2021: (3,271.4 Kb)
6 APPENDIX A Bushfire Management Plan Rev 2.3 August 2021: (1,484.4 Kb)
Member-Only Documents > Annual Reports
2021 Financial Position: (553.2 Kb)
2021 Income and Expenditure: (460.2 Kb)
2021 Donations: (405.4 Kb)
2021 MKF Report: (521.3 Kb)
2021 Treasurer's Report: Lesa Moore: (141.0 Kb)
Public Documents
Wiruna COVID-19 Safety Plan: (136.0 Kb)
Calendar 2022: (125.0 Kb)