Wiruna Guest Policy and Guest Numbers Limit

  • Fees for Wiruna visitors are charged in three categories: Members, Guests and Other Visitors.
  • "Guests" include GUESTS OF MEMBERS and MEMBERS OF OTHER ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETIES (who may book by arrangement).
Guest Numbers Limit
  • A Member may bring up to a maximum of six (6) Guests and must be in attendance and responsible for those Guests during their visit.
  • Any proposed exception to this policy must be referred to the Committee.
Visitor Accommodation
  • "Other Visitors", not affiliated with the ASNSW or other societies, may camp but are not permitted to use Barry Gerdes Lodge or the Bunk House facilities.
  • The ASNSW welcomes bona fide visiting astronomers.
  • Fees should be paid on site in cash OR
  • Fees may be paid through the Event page for the relevant weekend on the ASNSW website.
  • All fees should be paid, by one or other method, before leaving the Wiruna.