Piers, Sheds and Observatories at Wiruna


When permission is requested to install a permanent pier at Wiruna, an email is sent to the committee for approval. If no committee member objects to the request, the VP-Wiruna runs the request for the permanent pier by those who set up in the vicinity to see if it poses any problems. If there are no objections and the proposed site doesn't interfere with traffic movements, the request is granted.

Sheds and Observatories

Proposals to erect sheds and telescope enclosures must be submitted to the committee for approval. The location of the shed or observatory is at the committee’s discretion. Under no circumstances should any moneys be paid for acquisition of sheds or materials until approval for the installation has been given by the committee.

Other Criteria
  • Members with sheds at Wiruna must already be paying a fee for a permanent caravan or tent.
  • A member may have a maximum of one shed and/or one observatory.
Unauthorised Installations

The committee may require that any construction that is erected without committee approval is removed at the member’s expense.