Fires and Incinerators at Wiruna

Fire Restrictions and Total Fire Bans

Before planning to light a fire or use an incinerator, check if there are any regulatory restrictions. Fires must NOT be lit and incinerators must NOT be used during the Bush Fire Danger Period (usually 1 October to 31 March, or when any Total Fire Ban is in force in the region. For reference, Wiruna is located within the Mid-Western Regional Council district.


Fires are permitted on open, cleared campgrounds in approved metal fireplaces only - i.e., on the Lower Campground and in the clear areas adjacent to Barry Gerdes Lodge.

No fires are to be lit in the woodland areas. This includes all the forest from the Old Ilford Rd boundary through Bon Glen, past the kitchen and firebreak, and on to the rear of the property. 

Incinerator Procedure

  • An incinerator is to be used only in open space with no overhanging branches and at least three metres radius all around that has been raked clear of sticks, leaves and other combustibles.
  • The incinerator is NOT TO BE EMPTIED.
  • The only person authorised to empty an incinerator is the Vice-President Wiruna (or delegate) and, then, only when the incinerator is cold.