2. Check-In Desk Procedures

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Volunteers draw up a roster when the majority of Rego Desk volunteers have arrived. You don't have to stay at the desk for the whole weekend. You may wish to do a few hours, half a day, a fair chunk of the weekend (with breaks) or hover around and help as needed. You don't need to arrive on the Thursday.
You can volunteer on any day that suits. If there seem to be plenty of volunteers on the desk, you may put your hand up for Toilet and Shower Cleaning instead.

a) Checking in Participants

When Participants arrive, issue their ID badges and tickets.

  1. Mark them off on the Registration List with Green or Blue highlighter through the entire line for all members in their party.
  2. Check for any monies owed in the “To pay” column.
  3. For any monies collected for registration, fill in the details on the SALES LIST: Name | Registration | How much | How paid
  4. Check if they have ordered T-shirts and issue accordingly.
  5. Remind them that they need to be in the hall when the prizes are drawn.
  6. Remind them that their badge is their ticket for the dinner (if booked).
  7. Also give each participant:
  • A plastic garbage bag for their recyclables;
  • A red torch for each member of their party;
  • Offer a site map if they need one.

They can take a program, but the program is also on display in obvious places around the Hall.

If time permits, all badges and torches for a party will be in a single envelope.

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b) Lost Property

In the Lost Property book, for items handed in, record these details:

  • A description of the item;
  • When found;
  • Where found.

Announce that the item has been handed in at morning, afternoon and evening announcements (until collected).

When claimed, ascertain that the claimant is either the owner, or collecting on behalf of the owner.
Record these details in the Lost Property book:

  • Name of person who collected the item;
  • Name of owner of item if collected by a friend or relative;
  • Phone number and email address of person who collected the item.

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c) Sales

Write any sales up on the SALES LIST (don’t need the name, just what for, how much and how paid).

(Name not required) | What for | How much | How paid

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d) Cash

A cash float is provided with small notes and coins. Surplus monies may be removed by the treasurer or delegated volunteer. If you are short of change, there may be more available - ask around.
If the Scouts request change and we have spare, they may buy some of ours. At the end of the Star Party,
the tab for ASNSW expenses (speaker meals, milk, ice, etc.) can be settled in cash with the Scouts (to be noted on the Sales list as an expense), or the treasurer may draw a cheque.

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e) Setting up the Printer

The ASNSW owns the printer that is kept in the Pyxis bunkhouse. This may be used at the SPSP for printing and copying. Ensure that paper is removed at night and replaced in the ream, the printer is closed and covered with a plastic bag to prevent it getting damp or dripped on. There are spare HP61 colour and black & white ink cartridges somewhere in the Printer box or the Check-In Desk box.
Test the printer as soon as the Check-In Desk is set up by making a photocopy of any document to hand.
Troubleshoot any problems (e.g. try replacing ink cartridge if ink appears to have dried out).

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f) Stocktake

At the end of the Star Party, check stocks of all items against the previous year’s stocktake (supplied by the Treasurer) and note any items that need restocking.

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g) Packing Away

At the end of the Star Party, after the stocktake, the desk equipment remains in the desk drawers. Drawers may be removed and put into the Meeting Hall on a table so that the Desks can be returned to the Meeting Hall and drawers replaced in the desks.

Pack the printer back into its box and store the box so as to keep the printer in its working position (i.e. don’t tip it up on its back or end) so that the ink doesn’t leak. The printer is kept on a desk in the Meeting Hall. 

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