Committee Checklist for the SPSP

By Lesa Moore

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This checklist is suitable for a Star Party in MAY.

Item When Who
Set event date, fee structure and numbers limit. 1 year Committee
Set timeline for Registrations to open, Registrations to close, T-shirt orders to be finalised, T-shirts to be ready, SPSPinfo to be sent. 1 year Lesa
Book marquees and generators (need floor 6m x 6m for Check-In Tent and Image Processing Pit). 1 year Lesa
Book coffee cart. 1 year Joe
Invite speakers. December or earlier As delegated
Confirm scouts. December/January Joe or delegate
Review and update Astroimaging Competition forms and procedures. End January Monte/Lesa
Confirm marquees and generators. Early February Lesa/Joe
Order 500 red light keyrings (can take more than a month to supply). Early February Lesa/Trevor G

Get Registration Page up with registration deadline, competition details (AI, T-shirts, Innovations-by-email), guest speakers, by early February.

Set the registration deadline for TWO weeks after registrations open. This allows a good month to get the T-shirts printed and arrange pick-up/delivery. 

Early February Lesa/admin

Start advertising (UNIVERSE and on Home Page) as soon as Registration Page is ready.

Promote AI Competition in UNIVERSE.

February Lesa, Greg N
Contact the Scouts to get quantities and sizes for complimentary T-shirts. February Lesa
Organise sponsors and speakers (names, families, prizes, T-shirt sizes). Late Feb Lesa
Choose winner of T-shirt competition and ORDER T-shirts. Late Feb/early Mar Committee/Lesa
Obtain badges and any other supplies for Check-In Desk and AI Competition. March Lesa
Update sponsor details on website and in SPSPinfo. As available Lesa
Promote AI Competition in UNIVERSE (again). March Editor
Treasurer to open cheque to be used for cash float (2nd signature required at physical Committee meeting).

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March committee meeting Lesa/Don/Joe


  • Check pressure gauges on fire extinguishers at Breezeway, Kitchen, Barry Gerdes Lodge and Pit Toilets. 
  • Put new 9V batteries in smoke alarms at Barry Gerdes Lodge and in Bunkrooms.
  • Put new battery in loud hailer.
  • Test tank water at main area and Barry Gerdes Lodge for potability.
  • Check temperature of hot water complies with standard. Storage above 60 degrees is required to prevent Legionella (Kitchen and Barry Gerdes Lodge have storage heaters). Delivery temperature of 43.5 degrees is safe for children (showers and taps on instant heating in Amenities Blocks).
  • Restock supplies for "Minor Injuries Kit": sterile swabs, bandaids, antiseptic cream (e.g. Savlon or Betadine) and liquid (e.g. Dettol), Stingose, and some paracetemol tablets. These are perishable and are not suitable for the official First Aid Kit, but are handy for general-purpose use.
  • Check contents of First Aid Kit and top up as needed. Replace tape or any adhesive products that no longer stick.
  • Any costs for test kits and replacement products will be reimbursed. Just give your receipts to the Treasurer at the Working Bee or SPSP.


April new-Moon weekend

Peter, Lesa, Greg P, Trevor O, Trevor G


  • Stock up firewood.
  • Service burners on gas ovens.
  • Mowing.
  • Cleaning (Hall and furniture).
  • Do stocktakes (food/serving/tea/coffee and garbage bags/cleaning/paper products).
  • Open up the GENTS and check all taps, toilets and showers for functionality/leaks/blockages/drips.
  • Clean the GENTS and the LADIES.

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April new-Moon weekend

Joe, Don, Trevor O, Greg P, members, committee
Obtain Astroimaging Trophies. April Joe
Collate and circulate the Volunteer List. April Lesa
Prepare SPSPinfo booklet. April Lesa
Pick up or take delivery of T-shirts. By end April Lesa or delegate
Finalise registration list with sponsors, vendors and guest speakers. 2 weeks Lesa
Email SPSPinfoYYYY to registered participants, sponsors, vendors and guest speakers. Call for volunteers. At least 2 weeks out Lesa
Obtain supplies - consumables and cleaning (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, 2 litres UHT milk for early use at Tea & Coffee Station). 2 weeks Joe/Don

Prepare badges, tickets and registration lists.

Book the Blue Room at Marine Rescue Base (Mooney Mooney) to make up badges, boxes and T-shirt packs.

1 - 2 weeks Lesa, Linda, Michelle
Order/obtain supplies for Roast Dinner (food and serving). 1 - 2 weeks Don or delegate
Update the Scouts with the likely attendance number to assist with their catering. 1 - 2 weeks Joe or Lesa
Obtain speaker thank-you gifts. They also get an ASNSW Keep Cup, beanie and T-shirt. 1 week Lesa or delegate
Assign jobs to volunteers and send email. 1 week Lesa
Email participants with reminder to check their confirmation email. 1 week Lesa
Prepare rosters, forms and signs. 1 week Lesa
Prepare vehicle compliance certificates and Innovations Showcase certificates. 1 week Lesa/Don
Obtain/locate the First Aid Log Book. Any incident that is treated by a Qualified First Aid volunteer should be detailed in the Log Book. On site First Aid Volunteer
Organise volunteers' cocktail party.   Rebecca

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