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Mar 22

Ordinary Meeting - General Discussion

Date & Time
22 March 2024 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
(UTC+11:00) Australia/Sydney

In light of recent developments and general concern on the part of a number of members, the committee would like to announce that the 22 March Ordinary Meeting will be an open discussion meeting.

Members will be updated regarding the present status of Wiruna and the DA application. Another recent topic of discussion has been the “direction” of the society, a subject that would really need to be worded with more specific detail. There is also the matter of the hybrid meetings, how they are presented and how well they are working for remote participants. Linked to this topic is the meeting venue at Epping, which some see as outdated and unwelcoming. We are also in the process of securing more speakers for our meetings, but you may wish to volunteer your assistance in this regard. A report on Crago was presented last month, but questions about Crago may also be included.

Questions, comments and discussion are all welcome on the night, or email to pose questions or contribute a constructive comment if you don’t think you’ll be able to attend.

It will be a hybrid meeting with attendance at the ECC at Epping and via ZOOM. The proceeds of the meeting will be minuted and recorded for the benefit of all members. For this reason, vague, rambling comments may be cut short.

Constructive contributions will be much appreciated. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • ideas that you are willing to implement;
  • assistance that you can offer;
  • technology that you can recommend, install and test;
  • venue suggestions that you have researched;
  • documented background information that you can supply;
  • well-defined proposals and strategies that you think could be put in motion.

We hope that this meeting will clear the air for the concerned members. A link to the agenda was circulated to current members on 1 March and may be accessed below. 

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Event Type
Ordinary Meeting
Event Location
26 Stanley Road
Epping Creative Centre
Epping NSW 2121

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