Jun 28

Ordinary Meeting - TSE Review [Hybrid Meeting]

Date & Time
28 June 2024 7:30 PM - 10:00 PM
(UTC+10:00) Australia/Sydney

Guest Speakers: Rob Lucas, Geoff Smith & Leigh Wood, Greg Priestley, Adriano Massatani,

Title: Total Solar Eclipse Review

Abstract: A number of ASNSW members had the opportunity to observe the Total Solar Eclipse in April this year. Join Greg Priestley and Adriano Massatani in person at Epping, and Geoff Smith and Leigh Wood who will present via ZOOM, to see their images and hear their stories. 

  1. Rob Lucas – Viewing Site: Dallas, Texas, USA (at Epping)

Rob has an MSc Physics, University of Sydney, 2003, and BSEE, University of California at Santa Barbara, CA 1973. Rob is a member of the American Astronomical Society, Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers and ASNSW. Rob will share images and stories from his viewing experience at University of Texas, in Dallas, USA. 

  1. Geoff Smith and Leigh Wood – Viewing Site: Sutton, Quebec, Canada (via Zoom)

Leigh Wood and Geoff Smith are long-time members of the ASNSW and are regular visitors to Wiruna. They will present their images and impressions from a viewing site in Sutton, Quebec, Canada

  1. Greg Priestley – Viewing Site: Austin Texas, USA (via Zoom)

Greg Priestley is a Sydney-based amateur astronomer. Greg travelled to Austin, Texas for his third total solar eclipse. In addition to showing images and videos from the eclipse, he will also share images and videos from his tour of SpaceX at Boca Chica, Texas and JPL in Pasadena, California.

  1. Adriano Massatani – Viewing Site: Torreon, Mexico (at Epping)

Adriano Massatani is an Aerospace Engineer who observed his first solar eclipse (84% partial) in Italy. Since then, he’s travelled the world chasing eclipses: 2006 Egypt, 2009 China, 2012 Australia, 2017 USA, 2023 Australia, 2024 Mexico. Adriano is passionate in astrophotography, optics, and astronomy and graduated in aerospace engineering. In 2019, he combined his degree and passion, opening Testar Australia, the telescope shop for astrophotographers. Adriano will show photos of the eclipse event from Mexico, close to Torreon, (selected for the favourable weather statistics), including astronomical images and video shot during totality, and will also reflect on the “Great Australian Eclipse” of 2028.

Event Type
Ordinary Meeting
Event Location
26 Stanley Road
Epping Creative Centre
Epping NSW 2121

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