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Add Emergency Contact info to your Profile - 24th November 2023
You can now add a name and phone number for an emergency contact to your member details. Just log in to the website or app to update these details if you wish - it is optional.
Observing at Wiruna - 20th October 2023
Wiruna offers great dark skies, telescopes large and small (no need to bring your own), and beginners' telescope tuition. Members should book with Joe before heading up there. An information booklet can be sent to you if you haven't been before. Logged-in members can click on the link for more information.
Website: All About Wiruna
School Nights - 20th October 2023
We can bring telescopes and astronomers to your location within a reasonable distance from the Epping area. Contact Us to enquire or click the link for more information.
Website: Public Outreach