How to Join

Read the Information

Before completing your online application form, please check the links for more information about Categories and Fees and Membership Benefits.

Decide When to Apply

Note that the ASNSW runs to calendar years and there is no discount for a part-year membership. If you join between January and September (inclusive) in any year, your first membership subscription will expire at the end of December in the same year. If you join between October and December (inclusive), your first membership subscription will expire at the end of December in the following year. You will get the best value if you apply in October (15 months for first year's subscription). You will have to renew in December if you join in August (5 months) or September (only 4 months for first year's subscription) - better to wait till October!

Fill in the Application

To apply for membership as a Full, Associate or Student member, simply go to Home and click on "Apply to Join" in the top right corner. Select the appropriate membership level from the drop-down list (after checking the criteria for each membership level at Categories and Fees) and complete all your details on the form. 

Note: Your postal address - the address we like to have in the database is the one where you would want a yearbook (or any other mail) to be posted to. We don't actually need to know a physical street address.

After you enter your personal details, you'll see a screen where you can purchase Membership Products. This is where you pay extra if you want printed and posted UNIVERSE (our monthly journal) and you can order an Astronomy 20XX Yearbook for the current or coming year (please ensure you are careful to pick the correct one for your needs). 

Make the Payment

Proceed to payment using your credit card. You will receive a confirmation email to say that your application and payment have been received. Your application will remain pending until it is approved by the committee. 

Processing Time

The secretary lists applications for consideration at each committee meeting or by email to the committee. Please allow 14 days for processing. When approved, your membership will become active and you will receive a confirmation email.