The ASNSW holds collections of books on a wide variety of astonomical topics at Crago Observatory, Epping and Wiruna. In 2018/19, many outdated books were disposed of to ensure that the space available contains useful and relevant material. The main collection is housed at Wiruna in a comfortable and welcoming environment where members are invited to sit and read.

Wiruna Library by Lesa Moore

How To Borrow Books

Members may borrow books from the general collection by picking up at meetings or collecting from Wiruna. A follow-up email to the Librarian should state your name, which books your are borrowing and likely return date (nominally one month). If sending advance notice, please provide your name, the titles you wish to borrow and when and where you wish to collect them (e.g., at a meeting or Wiruna).

Library Status

The ASNSW Library is entrusted with preserving and cataloguing all books, journals, magazines and other printed reference material held by the Society and with making these publications readily available for borrowing by Members of the Society.

The Library actively seeks to improve the scope and quality of reference material held by the Society and to use these important resources to assist Members in developing their knowledge and understanding of astronomy. Over many years, the ASNSW has gathered several hundred astronomical texts. We also hold a rather comprehensive collection of journals, magazines and other publications.

Some of the reference atlases and a selection of the texts dealing with practical observing reside at Wiruna and at Crago Observatory. Archive materials are housed at Wiruna.


The Committee of the ASNSW allocates a budget for the acquisition of new publications for the Library. Members may participate in the process of selecting these acquisitions.


Donations of useful books are always very much appreciated, however please do not feel offended if we have to return or discard books that are outdated or are not useful duplications.