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Ordinary Meeting with Dr. Maria Cunningham, UNSW

Friday 9th May 2014 - 8:00pm
Topic:   Life In The Universe
Speaker:  Dr Maria Cunningham, UNSW
Venue: Epping Creative Centre - 26 Stanley Road, Epping

The only life we know of in the Universe at the moment is that on planet Earth. However, science has a come a long way in the last few decades in investigating the likelihood that other life may exist "out there".  In this talk I will discuss what we currently know about the possibility of life in the Universe, and where life is likely to be found. My particular emphasis will be on complex organic molecules in the universe, which is one of my research areas.

Dr Maria Cunningham has research interests in radio astronomy, molecular line astronomy and bioastronomy.
She is currently working on several projects, including:
    1.    Detecting new complex organic molecules in space, hopefully finding some of the building blocks of life;
    2.    How the structure of the Milky Galaxy affect the formation of stars.
    3.    Investigating turbulence in gas in the Milky Way Galaxy


Event Date: 
Friday, 9 May, 2014 - 20:00
Epping Creative Centre, 26 Stanley Road, Epping NSW

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