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January 2014 Bulletin - New Public Officer, Renewals, SGM and Articles for Universe

Dear members,

On behalf of the committee, I would like to wish you all a very happy new year!

It will be an exciting year for the ASNSW. Here is some news to keep you up to date ...

* New Public Officer: On behalf of the entire membership, I wish to thank Richard Jaworski for his many years of service (2001 to 2013 inclusive) as the ASNSW’s Public Officer. Richard decided to step down from this position late last year. I am pleased to announce that Andrew James has offered to take on this important role. I’m sure you will all join me in welcoming Andrew and thanking him for his commitment to the society. 

* Special General Meeting: In the next few weeks, members with voting rights will receive a Voter’s Package with all the information and a ballot paper for voting on the Proposed Changes to the ASNSW constitution. You may submit a postal vote, using this package, or you will be able to vote in person at the Special General Meeting on 14th March 2014 if you prefer. Full details will be in the package. Full, paid-up members and Life members are able to vote. Packages will be posted to the primary address in our database. If you have two addresses recorded (e.g. a street address and a PO Box or work address), please email to confirm which address the package should be posted to.  

* Membership Renewals: If you would like to be able to vote on the Proposed Changes, a recent email to you will indicate if you need to renew soon so that we can prepare the voting roll. Renewals fell due on 1st January this year. Many have renewed already. If unsure of your status, please feel free to email

* Universe magazine: Your magazine is waiting for your contributions! If you took a photo, attended any kind of observing session or just watched the skies from home, please write and tell the membership about it. Photos should be accompanied by a brief description and imaging details. Any contributions on any astronomical theme are always appreciated - a trip to an observatory, a handy observing tip, something about the night or daytime sky, or your holiday astronomy activities with the kids - all are newsworthy. Please email anything you have to and help fill your magazine with interesting and varied content.  

Best wishes for 2014,

Lesa Moore


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