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March Bulletin - The Vote, Renewals, Yearbooks, Universe, SPSP22‏ registrations and call for volunteers

The vote

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the outcome of the Special General Meeting held on 14th March 2014. All proposals for changes to our Constitution were adopted as Special Resolutions with an overwhelming majority (more than 95% for every resolution). Not only that, it was heartening to see that 130 members (a full one-third of the membership) took the time to lodge their votes and we had an attendance of 21 at the meeting.

The next step is for the Public Officer (Andrew James) to lodge the “Application to Change the Constitution” with Fair Trading NSW. Once Fair Trading registers the changes, they will take effect.


One of the Special Resolutions adopted was to reduce the grace period from six months to three months. If you have not renewed your membership, please do so soon, as memberships not paid up by 31st March will lapse and you will not longer receive Universe or other notices. If unsure if you are up to date or not, refer to:


Our stock of the “Astronomy 2014” yearbook is currently depleted. If you order with your renewal, the next batch of posting to members will occur in the second week of April. If you need a yearbook before then, please contact Quasar Publishing directly (or see them at the Macquarie University Astronomy Open Night on 5th April) or try retailers such as the BinTel.

Universe deadline extended

There will be a delay in the production of April Universe. Hence, the deadline has been extended to 28th March.

22nd South Pacific Star Party, 22-25 May 2014

Registrations for the Star Party are open at:

As always, we need the help of many volunteers to bring the Star Party together and run the weekend on-site. If you are able to assist with any activities (site preparations, front gate/directions, registration desk, sky tours, waste management, amenities cleaning, roast dinner preparation and serving, etc.) please email and suggest how you would like to assist.

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