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Ordinary Meeting with Dr Angel Lopez-Sanchez

Friday 31st July 2015 - 8:00pm
Topic: Light and Astrophysics
Speaker: Dr Angel Lopez-Sanchez, AAO - Macquarie University.
Venue: Epping Creative Centre - 26 Stanley Road, Epping
Abstract: 2015 was proclaimed by UNESCO as the "International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies" (IYL15). Light is the key piece of the Astrophysics we make today. Indeed, the main tool astrophysicists have to investigate the Cosmos is the study of the radiation we receive from the outer space. Thanks to the analysis of the light we know where stars, galaxies, and all the other celestial bodies are, what are they made of, how do the move, and more. Actually, much of the research we now do combines observing and analyzing light coming from very different spectral ranges, X rays, ultraviolet, optical, infrared and radio waves. In many cases, we are using techniques that have been known for only few decades and that are still waiting to be fully exploited. In this talk I will review what information can be achieved analysing! the light of the Cosmos in all wavelength and some! of the new technologies we're developing at the Australian Astronomical Observatory to get a better understanding of the evolution of the Universe.

Biography: I am a Spanish astrophysicist working at the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) and the Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrophotonic Department of the Macquarie University (MQ) in Sydney (Australia). My research is focused in the analysis of star formation phenomena in galaxies of the Local Universe, especially in dwarf starbursts and spiral galaxies. I’m using a multiwavelength approach and hence I combine ultraviolet, optical, infrared, and radio data to characterize the physical and chemical properties of galaxies and get a better understanding of the physical processes than govern their nature and evolution. Outreach is a very important part of my work as a scientist. As an active amateur astronomer I enjoy observing the sky with my eyes, binoculars, or small telescopes and taking astronomical images using my own equipment. This webpage contains a large compilation of my images that includes galaxies, nebulae, astronomical observatories, time-lapse videos, and even drawings and photos taken using amateur techniques.

Event Date: 
Friday, 31 July, 2015 - 20:00
Epping Creative Centre, 26 Stanley Road, Epping NSW

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