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SPSP 2015 - Late Registrations

The Annual South Pacific Star Party will be held 14 - 17 May 2015.

If you missed the online registration for the SPSP and would still like to attend please contact

Please note that pre-orders for T-shirts are now closed.

Note also that numbers for the roast dinner may be limited.

Details of the Annual Star Party are here:

The Registration Page for 2015 is here:

Entries for the T-shirt competition must be received by 31st March 2015 to allow time for production. Details are here:

The Astroimaging Competition will be running again this year. Full details are here:

Register early as numbers will be limited.


Can you a use a gen-set at the SPSP and if you can what are the rules in their use



Generators are not allowed on site due to noise etc.

the club makes available a recharging station for laptops batteries etc.




Hi Karen,

 Thanks for the reply.I was just wondering if this rule was made because of the older styl generators .The new inverter styl are very quite with a DB rate of 50/60 db @7 mts.Last year their were a few of the inverter stly around the sit and you were almost on top of them before you heard them. I think this year some of the comittee should do a walk around and listen to these type of gen-sets and see about allowing them on site with some rules in place to when they can be used . 

                    Ian Danks

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