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List of Past Guest Speakers

The ASNSW and its members are very grateful to all the wonderful guest speakers who have attended our meetings and star parties. Many of them are recognised below. For the more recent entries, click on the title to take the link to the abstract and bio. If you find any errors in the list or can fill in any blanks, please email The Editor.

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7/02/2003 Reg Wilson, FIES, IDA Dark Sky Issues
7/03/2003 Prof Ray Norris, ATNF The Void at the End of the Universe
14/03/2003 Andrew James, ASNSW Stellar Ballroom Dancing
11/04/2003 Michael Burton, University of NSW Gemini, Antarctica and Lofar, Three Astronomical Opportunities for Australia
16/05/2003 Dr Quentin Parker, Macquarie University The AAO/UKST H-alpha Survey and a Rich New Vein of Planetary Nebulae
13/06/2003 Prof Brian Boyle, Director, AAO Mega Spectroscopic Surveys: The Chaos Principle
14/07/2003 Melissa Hulbert, SASI Snapshots of the Cosmos
11/07/2003 Don Whiteman, ASNSW Choosing Accessories for Telescopes
1/08/2003 Dr Alon Retter The Contribution of Amateur Astronomers to the Research of Novae
16/08/2003 Bowen Mountain Sub-comittee Becoming Acquainted with Crago Observatory
12/09/2003 Serjit Wadwha Singh, ASNSW Astronomy on a Rainy Night
10/10/2003 Dr Fred Watson, Astronomer-in-charge, AAO/UKST New Rave Survey
28/11/2003 Harry Roberts, ASNSW The Star Next Door, the Active Sun in Hydrogen-Alpha

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6/02/2004 Richard Heggie, ASNSW Digital Astroimaging
27/02/2004 David Frew, Macquarie University Eta Carinae: Four Centuries of Observation
19/03/2004 SPSP Les Dalrymple, SASI, Editor Sky&Space Magazine SPSP Talk: Showpiece Objects for the Star Party
20/03/2004 SPSP John O'Byrne, University of Sydney SPSP Talk: Adaptive Optics (finally) Coming of Age
2/04/2004 Andrew James, ASNSW History of Southern Astronomical Catalogues
23/04/2004 John Webb, University of NSW The Young Universe
7/05/2004 Mike Kerr, ASNSW Magnifying the Universe
28/05/2004 Nick Lomb, Sydney University The Transit of Venus
4/06/2004 Michael Burton, University of NSW The Solar System and Robotic Spacecraft
2/07/2004 Lesa Moore, ASNSW Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
23/07/2004 Stuart Ryder, AAO Supernovae and Me
27/08/2004 Don Whiteman, ASNSW Making Modern Telescopes
1/10/2004 Scott Mellish, ASNSW Realm of the Averted Imagination: Abell Cluster Galaxies of the South Celestial Pole from -80 to -90 degrees
22/10/2004 Andrew James, ASNSW James Dunlop and his Southern Double Star Catalogue
19/11/2004 Steve Russell, ASNSW What's Happening in Amateur Telescope Making?
26/11/2004 Glenn Dawes, Quasar Publishing, ASNSW The Making of the Book

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18/02/2005 Ben Pawlutschenko, ASNSW Solar Effects
25/02/2005 Dr Wayne Orchiston, ATNF The History of Astronomy in Australia
18/03/2005 John Dobson  
15/04/2005 Joe Cauchi, ASNSW Astrophotography: A Personal Perspective
22/04/2005 Richard Jaworski, ASNSW Observing and Measuring Visual Binary Stars
13/05/2005 David Malin, AAO and Royal Melbourne Inst Technology Making Sense of Heaven and Earth
20/05/2005 Harry Roberts, ASNSW The Amateurs' Moon in the Twenty-First Century
17/06/2005 Richard Heggie, ASNSW Digital Astroimaging - What has changed in a year?
24/06/2005 Prof John Storey, UNSW Antarctic Astronomy
15/07/2005 Prof Fred Watson, AAO Making the most of LAMOST
22/07/2005 Peter Elston, ASNSW Solar Eclipse
9/09/2005 Andrew James, ASNSW Open Clusters
16/09/2005 Don Whiteman, ASNSW  
7/10/2005 Dr Jessica Chapman, ATNF The Late Stages of Evolution
14/10/2005 Dr Matthew Colless, Director of the AAO Einstein's Greatest Blunder? The Accelerating Universe and the Cosmological Constant
11/11/2005 Dr Naomi McClure-Griffiths, ATNF Tales of Hydrogen in the Milky Way

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3/02/2006 Dr Neal Newman, NASA's Representative in Australia NASA's Vision for Space Exploration
10/02/2006 Scott Mellish, ASNSW Wintering at Wiruna
10/03/2006 Scott Croom, AAO De-Twinkling Quasars: High Resolution Imaging using Adaptive Optics
17/03/2006 Richard Jaworski, ASNSW The Earl of Rosse and the Leviathan of Parsontown
7/04/2006 Dr Joss Hawthorn, AAO Expanded Galaxies
5/05/2006 Peter Mellander, ASNSW and Anssen Technologies Astroimaging with the ST 11000
12/05/2006 Dr Warwick Couch, University of NSW Extremely Large Telescopes (the Next Generation)
2/06/2006 Steve Russell, ASNSW Eclipse on the Nile ... or Thereabouts
7/07/2006 Dave Gault, ASNSW What it's like to be an Umbra-Holic
28/07/2006 Dr William J Busler, Memphis Astonomical Society, Professor of Chemistry, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee, USA
The Analemma
4/08/2006 Paul Hatchman, ASNSW A Brief History of Quasars
1/09/2006 Mike Kerr, ASNSW Super Star Clusters
8/09/2006 Prof Bill Coles, CITIT, California Solar Winds
6/10/2006 Andrew James, ASNSW The Distant Past and Future of the Night Sky
27/10/2006 Dr Roger Nettlefield, CSIRO Centre for Precision Optics Precision Optics and how they differ from Amateur Equipment
3/11/2006 Dr Andrea Lommen, Franklin and Marshall College Millisecond Pulsars: Using Pulsars to detect Gravitational Radiation
24/11/2006 Harry Roberts, ASNSW Solar Minimum: The End of Cycle 23

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2/02/2007 Dave Gault, ASNSW Lunar Grazes, Beepers and Time
23/02/2007 Dr Charley Lineweaver, ANU The Cosmic Microwave Background, Exoplanets and the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics
2/03/2007 Mike Salway, IceInSpace Planetary Imaging and Image Processing
23/03/2007 Assoc Prof Geraint Lewis, University of Sydney The Runaway Universe: the Influence of Dark Energy
13/04/2007 SPSP Alan Dyer, Contributing Editor, Sky & Telescope Magazine SPSP Talk: The Amazing Sky

13/04/2007 SPSP

Donna Burton, ANU SPSP Talk: Having a Schmidt of a Time - Siding Spring Observatory
13/04/2007 SPSP Professor Joss Hawthorn, Head of Instrument Science, AAO SPSP Talk: Our Astonishing Universe
20/04/2007 Balthasar Indermuehle Antarctic Astronomy
4/05/2007 László Kiss Exploding Stars
25/05/2007 Prof Ray Norris, ATNF The Astronomy of Indigenous Australians
1/06/2007 Geoff Smith, ASNSW Experiences in Astroimaging
23/06/2007 Crago Subcommittee Lunar Observing at Crago Observatory
20/07/2007 Don Whiteman, ASNSW  
27/07/2007 George Georgevits, University of NSW Detection of small Kuiper Belt Objects by Stellar Occulatation
24/08/2007 Richard Jaworski, ASNSW Double Star Section Leader  Double Star Delights: Some of the best visual double stars for the amateur to observe
14/09/2007 Kenji Bekki, UNSW  Merging Galaxies: Creation from Destruction 
21/09/2007 Andrew Murrell, ASNSW  ASNSW Public Astronomy Open Night at Epping
19/10/2007 Serge Wadhwa, ASNSW Astrophysics Section  Armchair Astrophysics 
26/10/2007 Scott Mellish, ASNSW Observations Officer Hickson Galaxy Groups of the Southern 
16/11/2007 Zdenka Kuncic, USyd  How To See Black Holes 
23/11/2007 Monte Wilson, ASNSW Astroimaging Section Leader  ASNSW's Astroimaging Section 

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22/02/2008 Dr Andrew Hopkins, University of Sydney Star Formation
14/03/2008 Dr David Champion, ATNF/CSIRO Pulsars and Gravitational Waves
4/04/2008 SPSP Gary Kopff, Wildcard Innovations, Developer of Argo Navis SPSP Talk: How Does Your Telescope Point?
4/04/2008 SPSP Monte Wilson and Mike Berthon-Jones, ASNSW SPSP Talk: How to get started and avoid the Pitfalls of Astroimaging
5/04/2008 SPSP Robert H McNaught SPSP Talk: Southern Hemisphere Meteor Activity
11/04/2008 Harry Roberts, ASNSW H-alpha and Magnetic Fields at the Sun's North Pole
11/04/2008 Chris Ross, ASNSW A Slide Show on Flora and Fauna at Wiruna
18/04/2008 Dr Dave DeBoer, ATNF Great Observatories: The SKA and Australia's Pathfinder
16/05/2008 Peter Gillingham The Echidna Instrument that the AAO has developed for the Subaru Telescope
13/06/2008 Scott Croom, ARC QEII Fellow at the School of Physics, Sydney University Dark Energy and a New Project to Measure It: The WIGGLEZ Project on the Anglo-Australian Telescope
20/06/2008 Joe Cauchi, ASNSW Recent Astroimages
11/07/2008 Andrew James, ASNSW The History and Observation of Southern Planetaries
18/07/2008 Simon Ellis, AAO, Sydney University The Evolution of Galaxy Clusters
8/08/2008 Dr Stuart Ryder, Australian Gemini Office The Gemini Project
12/09/2008 Dr Simon O'Toole, AAO On the Shoulders of Giants: Using White Dwarfs to Understand How Stars Lose Mass
10/10/2008 Dr Ross Pogson, Australian Museum Extra-Terrestrial Rocks and Minerals
17/10/2008 Scott Mellish, ASNSW Much Ado About Nothing: Telescope Challenges for Visual Observers
14/11/2008 Greg Priestley, ASNSW How NOT to Watch the Launch of the Space Shuttle and Other Lessons Learned

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6/02/2009 Dr Craig O'Neill, Dept Earth & Planetary Science Habitable Planets
13/02/2009 Don Whiteman, ASNSW Eyepieces - Past and Present
6/03/2009 Dr David Malin, AAO, RMIT University Galileo's Legacy
13/03/2009 Stephen Russell, ASNSW Eclipse 2008: Pictures from Jiayuguan
3/04/2009 Jeff Stanger, ASNSW, Sydney Girls High School Astronomy Outreach IYA2009: Activities and Resources
1/05/2009 Prof Bryan Gaensler, Sydney University Magnets in the Sky
8/05/2009 Ross Pogson, Australian Museum in Sydney Sundials
22/05/2009 SPSP Professor Fred Watson, Astronomer-In-Charge, AAO SPSP Talk: Space - Tourism's Final Frontier
22/05/2009 SPSP Geoff Smith, ASNSW SPSP Talk: Astroimaging - What's is all about and how can I get into it?
23/05/2009 SPSP Dr Charles Lineweaver, Senior Fellow, Planetary Science Institute and Research School of Earth Sciences, ANU SPSP Talk: Cosmology and Three Big Questions - How did our Universe Begin? How will it End? Are We Alone?
5/06/2009 Scott Mellish, ASNSW Namely Objects for Namely Observers
3/07/2009 Harry Roberts, ASNSW The Sun: Behaving Badly? Solar Flaring and its Impacts
10/07/2009 Greg Priestley, ASNSW Launch of Atlantis on Mission STS-125
7/08/2009 Tobias Westmeier Galaxies in Interaction
4/09/2009 Alan Garner, ASNSW Spherical Coordinate Systems
25/09/2009 Dr Dan Zucker, Macquarie University Building Galaxies on our Doorstep
2/10/2009 Prof Matthew Colless, AAO What do we know about the Universe?
2/11/2009 Harry Roberts, ASNSW Lunar Craters and the Late Heavy Bombardment
27/11/2009 Prof Miller Goss, NRAO New Mexico Under the Radar - The First Woman in Radio Astronomy, Ruby Payne-Scott of Sydney

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19/02/2010 Don Whiteman and Chris Ross, ASNSW Computerised Telescope Upgrading and Maintenance
26/02/2010 Rita Holland, ASNSW The Eye and Human Vision
19/03/2010 Julie Evans, Bureau of Meteorology Weather forecasting for cloud at Ilford and Bowen Mt
26/03/2010 Mark Wardle, Macquarie University Sgr A* - A Massive Black Hole at the Galaxy's Centre
30/04/2010 Sam Barden, AAO HERMES Studies Stellar Populations in the Milky Way
14/05/2010 SPSP Trevor Barry, ASNSW SPSP Talk: From Broken Hill to the Kecks
15/05/2010 SPSP Dr Peter Tuthill, University of Sydney SPSP Talk
15/05/2010 SPSP Dr David DeBoer, Project Director for CSIRO Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) SPSP Talk
23/07/2010 Assoc Prof Kim-Vy Tran, Texas A&M University How to form the Most Massive Galaxies in the Universe
30/07/2010 Prof Andrew Connolly, University of Washington Streaming the Sky
17/09/2010 Prof John Storey, UNSW Antarctica - What does it offer the Astronomer?
24/09/2010 Dr Richard Ellis, Steele Prof of Astronomy, CalTech Cosmic Dawn: The Quest for the First Galaxies
15/10/2010 Paul Hatchman, ASNSW Adventures with Exo-Planets
22/10/2010 Joe Cauchi, ASNSW Postcards from Wiruna
12/11/2010 Andrew James, ASNSW The Southern Binary Stars

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11/02/2011 Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies: A Multiwavelength Analysis of Galaxies in the Local Volume
18/02/2011 Dr Jason Spyromilio, ESO The European Extremely Large Telescope
11/03/2011 Amada Bauer, AAO A long time ago in galaxies far, far away ...
18/03/2011 Prof Jeremy Mould, University of Melbourne The Hubble Constant
1/04/2011 SPSP Professor Matthew Colless, AAO SPSP Talk: Measuring the Universe with Echoes from the Big Bang
1/04/2011 SPSP Rita Holland, ASNSW SPSP Talk: The Eye and Human Vision
2/04/2011 SPSP Professor John Webb SPSP Talk: Cosmology and the Laws of Nature - Is the Universe more complicated than we thought?
15/04/2011 Harry Roberts, ASNSW Secrets of the Sun
13/05/2011 Maritza Lara-Lopez, Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) Science from Large Galaxy Surveys
10/06/2011 Paul Hatchman, ASNSW The Dark Universe
17/06/2011 Gayandhi De Silva, AAO Galactic Archaeology and HERMES
5/08/2011 Dr Tim Cornwell, ATNF The Square Kilometre Array - a view from the inside of the project
2/9/2011 Andrew James, ASNSW Aspects of Astronomy and Navigation in Australia
9/09/2011 Dr Sarah Brough, AAO Why should you care about massive galaxies
7/10/2011 Geoff Smith, Observations Officer, ASNSW Observational astronomy from Tycho Brahe to William Herschel
14/10/2011 Dr Simon Ellis, AAO Making the Sky Dark
11/11/2011 Richard Jaworski, ASNSW A visit to Lowell Observatory and meteor crater

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10/02/2012 Dr Mike Ireland, AAO Unravelling the secrets of planetary birth and death
2/03/2012 Dr Andy Green, AAO Origins of spiral galaxies: From the Milky Way to living dinosaurs
9/03/2012 Harry Roberts, ASNSW Dissecting Light: Stellar Spectroscopy
30/03/2012 Dr Chris Stockdale, Marquette University USA Radio Supernovae: CSI – Circum-Stellar Investigations
20/04/2012 SPSP Dr Alex Hill SPSP Talk: Star Stuff
20/04/2012 SPSP Donna Burton, ASNSW/ANU SPSP Talk: Astronomers' Luck
21/04/2012 SPSP Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez SPSP Talk: Star Formation in Nearby Galaxies: A multi-wavelength analysis of galaxies in the local volume
27/04/2012 Professor Bon-Chul Koo, Seoul National University Where are all the supernova remnants?
4/05/2012 Dr Chris Lidman, AAO The Discovery of the Accelerating Universe
25/05/2012 Tyler Troy, University of Sydney/ASNSW The Great Cosmic Barbeque: Laboratory Spectroscopy and Extraterrestrial Chemistry 
1/06/2012 Joe Cauchi, ASNSW Astrophotography
6/07/2012 Harry Roberts, ASNSW James Dunlop – the Draughtsman
27/07/2012 Lesa Moore, ASNSW Ebbs, Flows and Standing in Moonshadows
3/08/2012 Donna Burton, ASNSW/ANU Curious and Curiouser - the Case of the Spotty Stars
21/09/2012 Prof Geraint Lewis, University of Sydney Skeletons in the cupboard: Galaxies are cannibals!
19/10/2012 Andrew James, ASNSW From Spectrosopic Binaries to Exoplanets
26/10/2012 Dr Francesca Primas, ESO The Discerning Power of Chemical Abundances: Light and Heavy, Close and Far
16/11/2012 Dr James Allison, University of Sydney Radio Cosmology: Observing the Invisible Universe
30/11/2012 Keith Bannister, CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science The Dynamic Universe

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15/03/2013 Ray Norris Were Aboriginal Australians the world's first astronomers?
22/03/2013 Andrew James, ASNSW History of the Far Southern Constellations
19/04/2013 Mark Phillips, Las Campanas Observatory Type Ia Supernovae as Standard Candles 
10/05/2013 SPSP Harry Roberts, ASNSW SPSP Talk: Amateur Spectroscopy
11/05/2013 SPSP Dr Geoff Smith, ASNSW SPSP Talk: Observational Astronomy from the Ancients to Herschel
11/05/2013 SPSP Dr Chris Lidman SPSP Talk
17/05/2013 Dr Michelle Cluver, AAO Collisions in Crowded Corners of the Cosmos 
24/05/2013 Dr Andy Sheinis, AAO The Galah Galactic Survey
14/06/2013 Dr James Allan, University of Sydney Large Scale Galactic Surveys
21/06/2013 Donna Burton ANU/ASNSW 100 Years of Astronomy and the tale of 2 Observatories!
19/07/2013 Mike Salway Nightscape Photography 101
26/07/2013 Dr Valentina D'Orazi, Macquarie University Understanding the complex nature of globular clusters: a chemical approach
16/08/2013 Dr Lee Spitler, Macquarie University A Night in the Life of an Astronomer
13/09/2013 Dr Mark Wardle, Macquarie University The Massive Black Hole at the Centre of the Galaxy: Hear it Roar!
20/09/2013 Dr Mathew Guenette, ANSTO Nuclear Fusion
11/10/2013 Dr Jonti Horner, UNSW The Neptune Trojans
8/11/2013 Prof. Elaine Sadler  University of Sydney Black Holes and Galaxy Evolution

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14/02/2014 Dr Giovanni Carraro, ESO The Spiral Structure of the Milky Way
17/03/2014 Dr Ignacio Ferreras, University College London How do massive galaxies form?
4/04/2014 Dr Simon Ellis,  AAO Antimatter in Astrophysics
11/04/2014  Joe Cauchi, ASNSW Joe's Astrophotos
2/05/2014 Andrew James, ASNSW Deep Sky Scetion The Observations of James Dunlop
9/05/2014 Dr. Maria Cunningham, UNSW Life in the Universe
23/05/2014 SPSP Francis Bennet  SPSP 22 Talk: Adaptive optics on the GMT and for space environment management
24/05/2014 SPSP Penny King, ANU SPSP 22 Talk: Exploring Mars with the Curiosity Rover
6/06/2014 Dr Dennis Stello  University of Sydney How the music of the stars can reveal the dance of the planets
13/06/2014 Kim Bott, UNSW Finding Solaris: How to know a planet will kill you before you get there
4/07/2014 Dr Luke Barnes, University of Sydney What Happened at the Big Bang?
11/07/2014 Professor Chris Impey - University of Arizona Co-Evolution of Galaxies and Supermassive Black Holes
1/08/2014 Professor Warrick Couch, AAO ELTs: The Next Generation of Extremely Large Optical/Infrared Telescopes
12/09/2014 Mike Berthon-Jones, ASNSW Amateur narrowband astrophotography with a medium-large instrument
10/10/2014 Dr Kyler Khuen, AAO Starbugs: A  New Parallel-Positioning Technology for Multi-Fibre Astronomical Instruments 
31/10/2014 Dr Brian Boyle, CSIRO SKA Director The SKA

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6/02/2015 Dr Andrew Hopkins, AAO GAMA and Taipan Surveys 
27/02/2015 Dr Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer  Search for Water on Extra Solar Planets by Using Polarized Light
6/03/2015 Michael Cowley, Macquarie University A multi-wavelength study of the impact of AGN on their host galaxies
27/03/2015 Dr Jonathon Marshall, UNSW Debris Disks 
10/04/2015 Greg Priestley, ASNSW Astronomical Timelapse:My Perspective
15/05/2015 SPSP Lesa Moore, ASNSW, ASA, Princess Cruises SPSP23 Talk: Heroes of Knowledge
16/05/2015 SPSP Lisa Kewley, RSAA (ANU) SPSP23 Talk: The History of Oxygen
22/05/2015 Dr  Daniela Calzetti, University of Massachusetts The Universe from Space
26/06/2015 Dr Amanda Bauer  Crash of the Titans: When Galaxies Collide
3/07/2015 Andrew James, ASNSW Three Astronomical Talks for the price of one
24/07/2015 Dr Richard McDermid, Macquarie University/AAO What's the Matter with Massive Galaxies?
31/07/2015 Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez, AAO
Light and Astrophysics
18/09/2015  Dr Orsola DeMarco, Macquarie University Getting ready for the changing sky
25/09/2015 Tash McFadden, Brendan Reinhart and Roy Truelove, Macquarie University Astronomers in the Making
16/10/2015 Dr Megan Johnson, ATNF What is A Galaxy?
23/10/2015 Dr James Allison,  CSIRO, Astronomy and Space Science Rocking the cradle - Black holes and young radio galaxies with the SKA

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26/02/2016 Dr Ignacio Ferreras, University College London The End of the Universe
18/03/2016 Dr C Renee James, Sam Houston State University Science Unshackled (Or 'Why You Should Give a Rat's @$& About Pure Science Research
15/04/2016 Dr Andy Green, AAO Behind the scenes at the AAT: A new mirror every year and other shenanigans
22/04/2016 Lesa Moore, ASNSW, ASA, Princess Cruises Space Junk, Rocks from Space and Things that Kill our Cows
17/06/2016 Dr Gayandhi De Silva, AAO How Australian astronomers are leading the way in Galactic Archeology
06/05/2016 SPSP Dr C Renee James, Sam Houston State University SPSP24 Talk: Science Unshackled (Or 'Why You Should Give a Rat's @$& About Pure Science Research
07/05/2016 SPSP Dr Richard McDermid, Macquarie University and AAO SPSP24 Talk: Lighting the Dark: Measuring Supermassive Black Holes with Lasers
08/07/2016 Dr Alistair Edge, Durham University Astronomical Surveys: The perspective of three lifetimes
15/07/2016 Dr Tayyaba Zafar Cold Dust Forming Assemblies of Hot Stars and Galaxies
12/08/2016 Dr Sarah Brough, AAO The Most Massive Galaxies in 3D
09/09/2016 Dr Li Shao CSIRO/ATNF Towards a Complete Census of Active Galactic Nuclei
16/09/2016 Dr Krzysztof Bolejko, University of Sydney The Expansion of the Universe
07/10/2016 Don Whiteman, ASNSW How well do you know the constellations?
14/10/2016 Andrew James, ASNSW The Nature and Legacy of the Paramatta Star Catalogue
04/11/2016 Dr. Fred Watson, AAO The Noteworthy Astronomer of Windsor
11/11/2016 Dr Daniel Huber, University of Sydney The Space Photometry Revolution of Asteroseismology and Exoplanets

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03/02/2017 Lesa Moore, ASNSW Stellar Spectra
10/02/2017 Andrew James, ASNSW Deep Sky Section Leader The Planet Mercury
10/03/2017 Kerrie Dougherty, Powerhouse Museum Woomera and WRESAT: How Australia joined the “Space Club”
07/04/2017 Professor Denis Leahy, University of Calgary Stellar explosions and their remnants
05/05/2017 Professor Annette Ferguson, Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh Cannibals and Ghosts: A Look at the Tumultuous Lives of Large Galaxies
12/05/2017 Andrew James, ASNSW Deep Sky Section Leader Rolling in the Deep
Dave Gault, Occultation Specialist SPSP25 Talk: Team Occultation Needs You!
Dr David Malin, Astrophotographer SPSP25 Talk: Astronomical Imaging from the Ice Age
02/06/2017 Dr Cormac Purcell, Macquarie University Magnetism: from the Earth to the Cosmos
07/07/2017 Dr Ángel R. López-Sánchez, AAO Surveying the Southern Sky with the Anglo-Australian Telescope
28/07/2017 Dr Hugh Jones, University of Hertfordshire Extrasolar Planets from a Rainy Island
04/08/2017 Dr Caroline Foster, AAO/Sydney University A new look at a 90 years old problem: the 3D shape of galaxies
25/08/2017 Dr Jeffrey Simpson, AAO Siriously, a cluster hidden by the brightest star in the sky
08/09/2017 Dr Devika Kamath, RSAAA (MQ/AAO) Using Stellar Fossils to Investigate the Origin of Elements in the Universe

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23/02/2018 Melissa Hulbert, Sydney Observatory When Sun, Moon and Earth Align
02/03/2018 Professor Elizabeth Stanley, University of Warwick Exploring the Properties of star forming galaxies with observations and models
23/03/2018 Andrew James, ASNSW Three talks for the price of one
20/04/2018 Chengyuan Li, Macquarie University Blue straggler stars: stars that really shouldn't be there
Trent McDougall, Canberra Astronomical Society SPSP26 talk: Makers in the Scientific Community
Melissa Hulbert, Sydney Observatory SPSP26 talk: When Sun, Moon and Earth Align
18/05/2018 Geoff Smith, ASNSW Astrophotograpy: The real and the fake
22/06/2018 Marnie Ogg, Fred Watson Tours Warrumbungles Dark Sky Park
29/06/2018 Lesa Moore, ASNSW Time and Date - Don't be Late!
14/09/2018 Lee Spitler, MQ, AAO The Huntsman telescope: a Canon lens array designed for ultra-faint imaging
19/10/2018 Eran Segev, ASNSW, Australian Skeptics On skepticism, skeptical activism, and the link to astronomy
16/11/2018 Professor Fred Watson AM (Dept Industry, Innovation & Science) Astronomy at Large

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15/02/2019 Lesa Moore, ASNSW Astrobiology - Life on Earth and Beyond
15/03/2019 Toner Stevenson The Great Star Catalogue: Australia's contribution 1887 - 1964
12/04/2019  Geraint Lewis, USyd The End of Time: The Future History of the Universe
03/05/2019 SPSP Kym Haines, ASNSW SPSP27 talk: Wide-Field Astroimaging for Beginners
03/05/2019 SPSP Robert Dahni, Cloud Free Night SPSP27 talk: All About Cloud Free Night
04/05/2019 SPSP Wilfred Gee, MQ SPSP27 talk: Extrasolar Planets and PANOPTES
17/05/2019  Mireia Montes Quiles, UNSW The ghost light that illuminates clusters of galaxies
14/06/2019 Greg Priestley, ASNSW Timelapse365
19/07/2019 Chris Ross, ASNSW Remembering Apollo
06/09/2019 Lucyna Chudczer, Astronomy Australia Ltd Clouds in Alien Skies
11/10/2019 Lesa Moore, ASNSW Women in Astronomy
08/11/2019 Fred Watson AM, Dept Industry, Innovation and Science  Cosmic Chronicles

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2020 - the year of the Pandemic

28/02/2020 Kym Haines, ASNSW Wide-Field Astroimaging for Beginners
25/09/2020 Jesse van de Sande, ARC DECRA Fellow What do galaxies and shadow puppets have in common?
23/10/2020 Ian Kemp, ICRAR, ASNSW Searching for ripples in the cosmic Niagara Falls: Cataclysmic Variable Stars 
19/11/2020 Andrew James, ASNSW Recent Developments in Planetary Nebula Astronomy

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