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The Square Kilometre Array - a view from the inside of the project with Dr Tim Cornwell, ATNF


Friday 5 August 2011 - 8:00pm
Topic: The Square Kilometre Array - a view from the inside of the project
Speaker: Dr Tim Cornwell, ATNF
Venue: Epping Creative Centre - 26 Stanley Road, Epping
Abstract: The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project is an international collaboration aimed at building the world's largest telescope by 2020. Observations with the SKA will aid our understanding of the universe on a wider range of topics ranging from the formation of the earliest stars to the evolution of galaxies throughout the history of the universe. Australia is one of the two possible host sites for SKA, the other being South Africa. The Australian Federal Government and Western Australia Government have jointly invested about $340M in SKA-related activities, including an Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder. I will talk about the history and status of the SKA. In addition, I will also talk about my own involvement in SKA, which is focused on the vast computing requirements and the data analysis algorithms. I will also discuss what it is like to work inside a truly global project.


Event Date: 
Friday, 5 August, 2011 - 20:00

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