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The Most Massive Galaxies in 3D with Dr Sarah Brough, AAO

Friday 12th August 2016 - 8:00pm
Topic:  The Most Massive Galaxies in 3D
Speaker:  Dr Sarah Brough, AAO
Venue: Epping Creative Centre - 26 Stanley Road, Epping
Abstract: We think that galaxies form in a cosmological game of lego, where smaller galaxies merge to form bigger galaxies again and again over the history of the Universe.  The heaviest galaxies are therefore the best test of our understanding of this process.  While the Milky Way galaxy weighs around 50 billion times more than our Sun, it is not the heaviest galaxy out there.  I study galaxies several tens of times heavier, using instruments that give a 3-dimensional picture of galaxies, integral field spectrographs.  I will present our understanding of the history of these galaxies from 3D observations (no special glasses required).
Biography: Dr Brough gained her Masters degree in Physics at the University of Liverpool, UK and her PhD on the environmental dependence of brightest cluster galaxy evolution at Liverpool John Moores University, UK.  She was previously a post doctoral fellow at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne and is currently a research fellow at the AAO. The majority of her research focuses on what role environment plays in how galaxies move within this distribution. She is particularly interested in the most massive galaxies in the Universe, Brightest Cluster Galaxies (BCGs). These galaxies represent the most extreme result of galaxy formation and trace the formation of large-scale structure in the Universe. They are thought to grow to their current mass from a large number of recent mergers driven by their position at the centre of galaxy clusters.

Event Date: 
Friday, 12 August, 2016 - 20:00
Epping Creative Centre, 26 Stanley Road, Epping NSW

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