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2018 Renewals and Yearbooks - Grace Period ends 31 March

Hi folks,

Time to renew for 2018 if you haven't already renewed. Check if you are up to date by making sure that you are logged in and clicking "Renew membership" on the left-hand block of the home page. It shows your paid-to date in the green band at the top.

Renewing online is easy. Click on the "Renew membership" link in the left-hand block of the home page, fill in the boxes, check your details and follow the payment instructions. There is a step-by-step guide here:

You can renew for related members at the same time by adding the relevant number of $26 increments (1 for student or associate, 2 for full related member) on your renewal page. There is more information about related memberships here:

If you have any trouble with your renewal, please don't hesitate to contact me, the treasurer (phone 0427 433 388 or email) and I can help you work through any issues. If, by chance, you've decided not to renew, please also let me know.

Astronomy 2018 yearbooks are also available for a cost of $22.50 posted.

Unrenewed memberships will expire on 31 March, so please renew before then.

Lesa Moore, Treasurer

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