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Team Occultation Needs You!

Team Occultation Needs You!

A presentation by Dave Gault at the 25th Annual South Pacific Star Party.

This talk will be given in the afternoon of Friday 26th May 2017.

Abstract: Occultation events present opportunities to make unique observations where collaboration with other observers adds to the value of the observation. Members of Team Occultation are always willing to encourage new observers to join. Membership is free ($0.00 + GST)!

Observations of lunar occultation events have a long history where the Archive of Lunar Occultation Observations dates from 1623, and is added to almost daily. Observation of double stars occulted by the Moon present an opportunity to measure the star-system, sometimes not possible by any other means. Observations of asteroid and dwarf planet occultation events also present opportunities to make observations not possible by any other method. Imagine making an observation of an asteroid with a backyard telescope that has finer resolution possible than with the greatest of telescopes like Keck or Hubble or, with the same scope, observing pressure gradients and an inversion layer in Pluto's atmosphere. Such is possible if you become an occultation observer.

This talk will show examples of observations and also briefly discusses what equipment is required so that you might join Team Occultation.

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