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Astroimaging Meeting

Deep Sky Imaging for Beginners will run at the start of the meeting, followed by other topics/activities as notified through the AI email mailing list.

30 May 2018 - Session 3: Stacking

File available from this session: Session 3: Image Stacking by Geoff Smith

Here, we take the multiple images that you have saved from Section 2 and show you how to transform them into an image of much better quality.  You will need some software to do this.  Deep Sky Stacker ( is freeware, so at this stage you may want to experiment without affecting the budget. If you do happen to have other dedicated astronomical software, for example CCDStack ( or PixInsight ( among others, then we suggest that you use these instead. All cameras have something known as dark current. We will briefly explain this concept and its effects, but will leave a detailed discussion for Session 7.

Objective: improve image quality by combining multiple pictures of a target
• understanding image stacking
• see how it improves image quality
• stacking software, e.g. Deepsky Stacker, CCDStack, PixInsight
• aligning the pictures, stacking
• brief overview of image processing software 
• hot pixels in the image
• dark signal explained

Previous: Session 2: Basic imaging with a tracking mount - 2 May 2018
Next: Session 4: Cameras for astrophotography - 27 June 2018

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Event Date: 
Wednesday, 30 May, 2018 - 19:30
Epping Creative Centre, 26 Stanley Road, Epping NSW

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