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On skepticism, skeptical activism, and the link to astronomy

Friday 19th October 2018 - 8:00pm

Topic: On skepticism, skeptical activism, and the link to astronomy

Speaker: Eran Segev, ASNSW, Australian Skeptics
Venue: Epping Creative Centre - 26 Stanley Road, Epping
Abstract: From the Hellenic Skepticos to modern science-based Skepticism, doubting has never been simple. Balancing pragmatism and philosophical purity has been a constant challenge, but it is largely well-met by the current crop of skeptical activists. Part of the reason is the heavy reliance on science. And among the sciences, astronomy is a headline act in skeptical circles, with a large overlap between the skeptical and astronomical communities.
Biography: Eran Segev is an IT management consultant, a science nerd since his first memories and a long time member of the ASNSW. He has also just stepped down from being the President of Australian Skeptics Inc, a position he has held for 7 of the last 9 years.

Event Date: 
Friday, 19 October, 2018 - 20:00
Epping Creative Centre, 26 Stanley Road, Epping NSW

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