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ASNSW New Member Procedures

Member application procedure

  • A prospective member must complete the application form.
  • A completed application form is received by the Secretary from the prospective member by email or by post.
    • If by email: The Secretary will reply that the application will be reviewed at the next committee meeting and, once reviewed, the secretary will get back to the applicant on how to complete the application process. 
    • If by post: Paperwork goes to the next committee meeting.

Nomination and Approval procedure

  • Applicants whose application forms are in hand are nominated for membership by the Secretary (or another member in the absence of the Secretary) at the next committee meeting. Note that if no committee meeting is scheduled in the following four (4) weeks, then the application details are emailed to the committee members for their approval by email.
  • On obtaining at least five (5) approvals, the nominee is accepted for membership.
  • Application forms are passed as nominations to the Secretary who processes the new memberships in the online database and notifies the applicant of the procedure for payment and login to the website.
  • Memberships do not become valid until the applicant has paid the New Member Joining Fee and the first year’s annual Membership Fee.


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