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NEW: Deep Sky Imaging for Beginners continues - send in your photos!

NEW: Deep Sky Imaging for Beginners will be offered in sessions at the start of the next eight AI meetings. See notice for 2 May (take the link below) for how to send in your photos for possible inclusion and disucssion.

Talks on Deep Sky Imaging - Overview
In this series of talks on deep sky imaging we will be giving eight talks of 30–40 minutes each.  The series will mainly be about deep sky astrophotography, a rather vague term which encompasses all objects outside the solar system. There are many ways of approaching deep sky astrophotography — the simplest and cheapest way is to use a DSLR camera in multiple configurations.  Some possibilities are single pictures with a still camera, multiple pictures with a still camera, tracked pictures through the camera attached to a telescope and time lapse pictures.  Many users are content to stop there but, for those who wish to go further, the possibilities are endless and limited only by your budget. These possibilities will be explored in the 8 sessions, which will be structured in the following way:
• The very first session will show members how to take some simple pictures.
• Generally, each session builds on the previous sessions, giving a better image result.
• Jargon is introduced only at the stage where it is needed.
• A full discussion on image capture is delayed until Session 5 when it can build on the practical knowledge of the first four sessions.
Sessions will run at the start of Astroimaging Meetings through 2018, the first being on 28 March 2018. The following links will take you to the meeting page where each topic will be covered.

Session 1: Wide field astrophotography - 28 March 2018
Session 2: Basic imaging with a tracking mount - 2 May 2018
Session 3: Stacking - 30 May 2018
Session 4: Cameras for astrophotography - 27 June 2018
Session 5: Capturing images with a tracking mount—advanced - 25 July 2018
Session 6: Finding and focusing and selecting a target - 22 August 2018
Session 7: Image Calibration - 26 September 2018
Session 8: Where to from here? - 24 October 2018

You may download a Word document with information about all eight sessions here.

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