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Makers in the Scientific Community

Our Friday speaker at the 26th Annual South Pacific Star Party will be Trent McDougall.

Topic: Makers in the Scientific Community
Speaker: Trent McDougall, Canberra Astronomical Society
Abstract: High-end technology is now readily available to the home hobbyist. Armed with manufacturing tools and modular electronics; home hobbyists are able to turn ideas and concepts into reality very quickly. In some instances, a completely new device of original thought can become reality within a matter of hours. Trent’s talk will discuss his experiences and projects in the last few years doing exactly this, and how he became one of the few amateurs who are active and contributing to interplanetary robotic science, from his shed at home in Australia.
Biography: A natural traveller of a Navy upbringing, Trent served 17 years in the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronics Technician. By day, Trent is now a Business Analyst who specialises in digital transformation and process automation. By night, Trent is an innovator and inventor. Trent has worked closely with numerous universities around the world developing specialist devices and software, bespoke to the one off and typically unusual needs of the scientific community often with a very short timeframe. As an amateur astronomer, Trent has held memberships with the Astronomical Society of New South Wales, Sutherland Astronomical Society, Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society and is currently a member of the Canberra Astronomical Society.


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