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The Inter-Division B-C Commission Protection of Existing and Potential Observatory Sites, the Commission C1- Education and development of the Astronomy, and the Office for Astronomy Outreach (OAO) invite all countries and astronomers to send photos for

The first e-Light Pollution photo-exhibition, a satellite event within the XXX IAU General Assembly 2018 to showcase the impact of light pollution on astronomical sites


We invite all countries and astronomers to contribute on raising the awareness on the serious environmental problem created by light pollution by creating and exhibiting a collection of photos of night-scapes of the world observatories sites, showing either (1) the beauty of the night sky at the site without light pollution or (2) how is the site affected by Light Pollution in this 1st e-LP exhibition.


This is the first edition of the Light Pollution (LP) exhibition, we plan to continue this exhibition in each IAU General Assembly (GA) with different themes. In this first edition, we start from the astronomical dimension of the problem - observatories.

This global perspective motivates us to work for a better, more peaceful planet for all the world’s inhabitants. The project aims to make global exposure during the GA. The resulting collection of night scape photography will be presented in a virtual exhibition during the GA 2018 and on the web. The sky is the common view that connects us across the world, creating understanding and friendship. When borders vanish, political and cultural differences become irrelevant. We all live under the same eternally peaceful sky.

The details about this proposal are in the attached file.

Kind regards,

Margarita Metaxa
Constance Walker
Sze-leung Cheung
Beatriz Garcia

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