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Wiruna fees to increase

Fees are levied to cover the cost of routine maintenance of the site. A recent analysis showed that the fees charged are not keeping pace with the upkeep. Thus, fees will be increased from 1 January 2020. The increase will apply to both weekend fees and annual site fees, as detailed below.

During non star party times, the following fees will apply on a per person, per night basis. The old fees (to end 2019) are shown first and the new fees (from 2020) are in brackets.

Own tent or van $5 ($7) $7 ($10) $10 ($14)
Bunk House $7 ($10) $9 ($12) N/A
House $10 ($14) $12 ($16) N/A

* "Guests" include GUESTS OF MEMBERS and MEMBERS OF OTHER ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETIES (who may book by arrangement). Please note that a member may bring up to a maximum of six (6) guests and must be in attendance and responsible for those guests during their visit.

** Visitors not affiliated with the ASNSW or other societies may camp but are not permitted to use the House or Bunk House facilities. Please note that this is not a public camping ground. We welcome bona fide visiting astronomers.

Fees should be paid on site. Only Cash or cheques are accepted for payment. Please ensure you have sufficient funds to pay your fees before leaving the site.

Site fees for Wiruna

Per annum site charges from 1 January 2020 are: Caravan $80; Tent $40.



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