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Guest Speakers for the 27th Annual SPSP, 2-5 May, 2019

Guest Speakers in 2019

We have a great line-up of speakers for this year's event.

Wilfred Gee (Macquarie University), will speak about "Extrasolar Planets and PANOPTES" (see also, a citizen-science based project to find transiting exoplanets using DSLR cameras and amateur-level mounts. Abstract: Exoplanets have become an extremely popular target for professional astronomers but remain a more elusive target for amateur astronomers, even those with high-end equipment. In this talk I'll give some of the history of exoplanet detection amongst the professionals as well as what the current trends in exoplanets are. We'll then look at some of the methods that amateurs can use on their own equipment to try and capture exoplanet transits. Finally, I will give some information on the project I am working on, PANOPTES, which is a citizien-science based project to build a network of extremely inexpensive robotic telescopes for an exoplanet-based survey. Bio: Wilfred is a PhD Candidate at Macquarie University working on image processing techniques for large-scale exoplanet finding.

Kym Haines will present "Wide-Field Astroimaging for Beginners". Abstract: It is easy to get started with astroimaging with a DSLR (digital SLR camera) on a tripod; and more can be done with a DSLR on an existing telescope.

Robert Dahni will do a presentation and workshop on the "Cloud Free Night" service.

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