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Total Fire Bans and fire management at ASNSW sites

Fire ratings and declarations of Total Fire Ban may affect the operations at Crago Observatory and at Wiruna. 

CRAGO: Visitors to Crago Observatory should always check the Facebook page ( for status updates on the afternoon of the observing session. These updates will include closure due to weather, fire risk or any other reason. 

WIRUNA: Wiruna is not automatically closed on days of Total Fire Ban. Please read below for the Wiruna Closure Policy and discussion of procedures and regulations on days of Total Fire Ban.  

Wiruna Closure Policy

a. If the RFS fire rating is “Extreme” or “Catastrophic”, or there are any uncontrolled fires currently burning in the area (i.e. anywhere near the Ilford-Sofala Road, Castlereagh Hwy, Turon River, 50km to the west or in the region thus bounded) and the property is unoccupied, the property will remain closed and members will be notified of this by email of the closure.
b. If fire breaks out anywhere in the area (cited above) and the property is occupied, an announcement will be made that the property is closing and members and guests will be asked to evacuate immediately if safe to do so.
c. If fire breaks out on the property when it is occupied, and initial attempts to extinguish it with fire extinguishers and water are unsuccessful, emergency services will be called and the site will be evacuated if safe to do so. 

Total Fire Bans at Wiruna

Visitors to Wiruna on scheduled observing weekends should receive an email notification on each day of Total Fire Ban (Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday). Total Fire Bans are declared, region-by-region, after 4pm on the day before the ban. For instance, there may be a Total Fire Ban on the Friday, but not on the Saturday. If you don't have email, the information is also available on the RFS website. Wiruna is in Region 10 on the map here:

Total Fire Ban Rules:

At Wiruna, during days of Total Fire Ban, in addition to the rules specified on the RFS website:

  • You must not light any fire in the open (open fires are prohibited at Wiruna at all times).
  • You must not use the wood-burning barbecues on the field.
  • You must not use the incinerator.
  • You must not light a fire in the fireplaces in the kitchen or at Barry Gerdes Lodge.
  • You must not drive the mower or use any device that may cause sparks or flame.
  • You must not use cookers or burners of any kind at your camp site.

The committee thanks all members and visitors for their cooperation. 


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