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Wiruna Opening and COVID-19 Safety Plan - 1 June 2020

Dear Members, 

Dear Members,
As anticipated, we are now able to reopen Wiruna, subject to certain conditions. The committee has completed a COVID-19 Safety Plan for Wiruna. The detailed Safety Plan is available here and you are encouraged to read it.

In summary, under the Safety Plan, members who attend Wiruna will be required to:
1. Stay away if unwell, self-isolate at their campsite or go home if they fall ill and, if the latter, get tested as soon as practicable.
2. Maintain physical distancing of campsites, as well as personal distance of 1.5 metres from others.
3. Clean kitchenware and surfaces immediately after use (i.e. in the Kitchen, Amenities Block and Barry Gerdes Lodge), and at least once a day, as required by public health orders. Cleaning products, disposable gloves and garbage bags will be provided.
4. Observe number limits in buildings: 10 in the Kitchen, 10 in the Lounge, 10 in the Meeting Hall, 5 in Barry Gerdes Lodge. Note that fires may be lit in the Meeting Hall if the Lounge is full and there is a need for another warm area.
5. Not participate in sharing of telescopes or equipment, nor form gatherings.
6. Follow advice on personal hygiene, hand-washing and covering coughs and sneezes with your elbow. Further advice available here:
7. Not share condiments.
8. Book with Joe and also fill in the Attendance Book in the Kitchen at Wiruna.
Note also:
9. Members may bring their own soap and towels. Members should bring their own tea-towel for drying their own dishes. If using communal dishes, you must wash them up, dry them with paper towels and throw away the paper towels.
10. The contactless payment option is available via the online Miscellaneous Payments page here:
11. It is recommended that all Members have the COVIDsafe app active on their phones and keep their phones with them at all times.

I'd like to thank everyone for their cooperation and wish you clear skies for your next visit.

Lesa Moore


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