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2020 AGM 7 Aug 2020 and Zoom Training Meeting 31 Jul 2020

Dear Members,

This year, the current situation with COVID-19 still places restrictions on meetings. Hence, the ASNSW committee has decided to take advantage of the temporary provision by Fair Trading* to hold AGMs electronically. Please read through this email so that you have all the information and please note, at the bottom, the request to return your expression of interest in attending the AGM and/or the Zoom Training Meeting.

1. The AGM

The ASNSW Annual General Meeting will be held as a Zoom online meeting starting at 8pm on Friday 7th August 2020. The agenda for the AGM is attached. Remember that we need at least 15 people for a quorum and there is a Lucky "Door" Prize of one year's membership extension for one lucky attendee. Online attendance counts towards the quorum (for full members with voting rights) and qualifies you for the "Door" Prize. If you live far from the city and don't normally attend meetings at Epping, this is your opportunity to have a chance at the "Door" Prize!

To join the AGM at 8pm on Friday 7th August 2020, take this link:

Or telephone (02) 8015 6011

Meeting ID: 913 6351 8471

Password: 770473

Anyone intending to phone in from interstate or overseas should reply by return so that I can send you a phone number that should provide a higher quality service in your area. The URL should work from anywhere in the world.

2. Zoom Training Session

If you have never used Zoom before and are a bit nervous about how it will all work, we are running a trial meeting the week before, so that everyone can work out what to do and, basically, have a "Zoom lesson". This will be a short meeting (30 minutes or so, depending on questions and any issues encountered) at 8pm on Friday, 31st July. The meeting will cover: how to join the meeting,; how to find the menus; how to send a question using the chat window; how voting will be conducted (for acceptance of previous minutes and adoption of reports); how to give a thumbs-up or applaud; how to see who else is at the meeting and who is currently speaking; how to mute/unmute your mic and turn your camera off and on; and how to expand the Zoom window if you've accidentally minimised it. I have prepared a preliminary help page, also covering these topics, to assist those new to this technology. I am but a beginner myself! Refer:

To join the Test Meeting and Zoom Training at 8pm on Friday 31st July 2020, take this link:

Or telephone (02) 8015 6011

Meeting ID: 971 0504 5486

Password: 001393

Expressions of Interest

To help us ensure that both sessions run smoothly, please send your expressions of interest in attending 1. the AGM, and/or 2. the Zoom Training, by return email. e.g. If you know what you're doing and just want to Zoom in for the AGM, write: 1. yes, 2. no. You are also welcome to do the Zoom Training even if you have no interest in the AGM!

Hope to see you at one or both meetings.



0427 433 388

*Until the 26th September, the NSW Department of Fair Trading has permitted Associations to hold their Annual General Meetings and conduct voting using electronic methods, even if this is not provided for in their constitution. ASNSW will take advantage of these temporary provisions to conduct the 2020 AGM fully electronically.

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