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Pay Wiruna accommodation fees through PayPal

With many of us carrying less cash these days, we've decided to set up a payment page on the website for Wiruna new-moon fees.

You can access the payments page in 3 ways:

  1. Bookmark
  2. If you are logged in to the web site the option to pay the fees will be on the left-hand User Menu
  3. Through the public pages: From the quicklinks blue menu, under Observing Facilities, go the the Wiruna home page (second link), or from the Observing Facilites page take the Wiruna link (near the bottom) to the Wiruna home page. Once on the Wiruna home page, take the link to Pay Wiruna Camping Fees.

Once you have paid, please inform Joe (or whoever is collecting the money) and show them the email receipt before you leave.

This is an alternative to paying in cash on-site. Payment through the web site does not guarantee accommodation and you still must meet all the normal criteria to attend Wiruna.

I hope you find this new addition useful. Any feedback is most welcome.

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