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ASNSW Membership Categories

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Miscellaneous Payments

There are five categories of membership available, consisting of Full Member, Associate Member, Student Member, Honorary Member and Life Member. The ASNSW's Membership Fee Structure is detailed separately.

  • FULL membership is available to any Australian resident and entitles the member to voting rights and access to all ASNSW functions and facilities (subject to accreditation procedures).
  • ASSOCIATE membership is available to any person who is the spouse, partner or dependent child (person under 18) living at the same residential address (family home) as a Full member. Associate members are entitled to all the rights of a Full member with the exception of voting rights. If any Associate member leaves the family home, they must take out separate Student or Full membership (as applicable). This may be done at the commencement of the next financial year. There will be no joining fee imposed and the date of joining will be deemed to be the date that the Associate member first joined.
  • STUDENT membership is only available to persons who are less than 18 years of age or a full-time student at a school, university, college or other tertiary institution. It entitles the member to all the rights of an Associate member. Upon turning 18 years old or ceasing full-time study, student members shall automatically change to Associate membership.
  • HONORARY membership entitles the member to all the rights of full membership except voting rights if, at the time of being accepted as an Honorary member, the person did not have voting rights.
  • LIFE membership entitles the member to all the rights of full membership, including full voting rights. Life membership may be awarded by the association at a special general meeting in recognition of a member’s outstanding service to the association. Life members will not be required to pay the annual subscription.

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