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Public Outreach

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One of the main objectives of the ASNSW is to bring together people who are interested in Astronomy and related sciences and to promote public interest and education in Astronomy. We provide astronomical observing facilities for members, educational lectures for members and the public, and we assist members and the public to select, use and even construct telescopes and related instruments.

In keeping with this objective, some ASNSW members regularly volunteer at our own Crago Observatory, to be involved with Astronomy Open Nights organised by other organisations, and to participate in Local Open Nights for scout groups, schools and community members.

Crago Observatory

Observing nights are normally scheduled throughout the year on Saturday nights closest to third-quarter Moon. More volunteers with telescopes are always welcome. For further information, refer to our Crago Observatory page. 

Local Open Nights 

Local Open Nights sometimes consist of an informative talk on whatever aspect of astronomy is of interest to the group, followed by observing through a range of members' telescopes (weather permitting). Schools, Scouts and other community groups may host Open Nights. If your group is interested in having ASNSW volunteers at an observing night, please Email Us and we can suggest a suitable date and time. The preferred evenings are around the time of First Quarter Moon, as this means that the Moon may be viewed through telescopes in the evening after sunset.

Some Local Open Nights are designed especially for people who, due to their locality, are unable to attend those events which are held in the Sydney area. One such event is held at Ilford, in the Ilford Hall. This particular event has in the past attracted over 350 locals, and has proved to be a very rewarding experience, for both locals and participating members alike.

Astronomy Open Nights

ASNSW members have participated in Astronomy Open Nights at Penrith Panthers' Leagues Club, Parramatta Park, the Macquarie University Astronomy Open Nights, and various other venues across Greater Sydney and surrounding regions.

Outreach Volunteers

If you are willing to volunteer a few hours of your time and a telescope for any local open nights, please Email Us - any assistance would be greatly appreciated. You may also request to be added to the "outreach" mailing list be email the Secretary or Treasurer.

For more information about the ASNSW, Email Us, or write to us at:

PO BOX 870

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